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I am 69 years old.  I have Stage IV colon cancer and there is no current cure for my diagnosis. Nine years ago I had a colonoscopy that was perfect, with no polyps or abnormalities of any kind. About seven years ago I began to notice unintentional weight loss.  That was my only cancer symptom, since my prior one was perfect no doctor suggested another colonoscopy . I was concerned about the weight loss because my mother died of pancreatic cancer  when she was 66 and that was her only symptom.  I finally convinced a doctor and the insurance company to approve the CT scan.  As it turns out my pancreas was fine, but they noticed a huge tumor in my colon that had metastasized to my liver and lungs.

I am now approaching my third year of treatment. At the time of my diagnosis, the average live span was 22 months, so I’m ahead of the curve. My first year of treatment was initially successful.  But the cancer mutated and began to grow again.  The second line (group of chemo drugs) didn’t work at all.  The third line of treatment did slow down the cancer buying me some time, however it is now showing signs of  losing its mojo. There is no fourth line of treatment that meets my cost/benefit analysis, the cost of the treatment is measured by the toll it takes on my body and quality of life.  I am now researching immunotherapy clinical trials and hope to start one soon.  Immunotherapy, by unleashing my immune system to fight the cancer, has the potential save me from certain death.

I had none of the none of the classic colon cancer symptoms.  I strongly suggest a colonoscopy or at least a sigmoidoscopy every five years.   It ain’t fun, but it sure beats death.  Oh, I like to paint critters, below is a sample.imageimageimageimg_1179


“Frankie” 2014.




“Dizzy Gillespie” 2014.
“Rudolph Valentino” 2014



25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Following your blog might teach more about my computer my friend. You are a
    incredible person. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey.


    1. Congratulations! You’d be surprised how many people couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to my blog. I am so glad you are joining me on this journey. You are both a DUCK fan and an artist, a powerful ally in my quest to stave alive.

      All of a sudden that old BeeGees song has become a favorite!


  2. You don’t know me Jim, but Lee is an old friend I hold dear in my heart. If she loves you, then you must be a great person! I will be praying for you, pulling for you, reading your blog, and rooting for the Ducks.


  3. Dear Jim,
    We were so sorry to hear your news . Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and Lee.
    Sincerely, Jenny & Gary


  4. Good morning Jim. Hope today finds you feeling much BETTER. Am praying for you to have a speedy recovery so you can get BACK to your every day routine and your fun at painting. Sandi Bieber/Cotty and Miss Bubble’s slave/tee hee

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  5. My dad and I talked about you and Lee yesterday. He remembers “Jimmy” and that is very special. I did not tell him as you know, it would be upsetting and confusing. Lots of love being sent to you and Lee!

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  6. Hi Jim,

    Audrey (you met her during our trip to Cowboys Stadium) and I have started to follow this since Stan Beil alerted me during his recent visit to me here in Atlanta.

    Others should be inspired by your solidly positive attitude. Keep fighting!

    Mike Krasner & Audrey

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  7. Just got off the phone with Jon Morris. He is advising regarding an open position at Sennheiser. I haven’t had any luck hooking up with a new gig since Mits. I had Jon laughing at some of the face to face interviews I sat through. Product categories: 1. Southeast regional for a Canadian company that makes massive overlay bumpers for 18 wheelers to protect the cab and driver from damage inflicted by large animals (moose). I guess they felt “deer in headlights” would convince some to purchase these bumpers in the Southeast. 2. Sexual enhancement products packaged discreetly for the likes of Target, Walgreens and CVS. (I backed out after discovering on-line banter accusing their CEO of being a pervert.) 3. Caskets sold to funeral homes. (I backed out after learning I personally would be delivering them in company trucks.)

    AARP called me. They had me appear on a panel on a TV show on Georgia Public Broadcasting. The subject: Age discrimination in hiring. It was fun, and all say I did a fine job. Absolutely NO stardom resulted. I even had a hard time finding someone who viewed this show’s episode!

    Likely I’ll now stay here in Atlanta, although I bought a home here just 3 months before the BIG announcement by Mits. I’ll guess I would have moved back to my home state of Massachusetts (family is still there) if I knew of the company demise ahead of my new house closing. One thing is for sure; I don’t miss the snowy winters!

    Glad to hear things are going well at this point. Keep up the good fight!

    Best Regards,

    Mike K.


  8. Jim, you have the most unbelievable attitude and positive outlook. My mom who is 91 has been reading your blog is really inspired by you. My mom and I wish you the best of luck.

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  9. This happened to me, but I got lucky. Stage 2. I had a colonoscopy at 49 because my father died of colon cancer. Clear, beautiful, excellent. Not my words, my doc’s. Five years later compliant me had another colonoscopy and my GI found a hard mass 15 cm from my rectum. Told me she could not believe I had no symptoms. I didn’t. Not one. Maybe weight loss, but as a fitness professional and avid runner, being lean and mean was my normal condition. My blood work was perfection. You just never know. After waiting forever for surgery (Canadian healthcare system. Terrible. Overloaded and long wait times) I was told stage 2, no lymph node involvement, no distant disease. I was lucky. Really lucky. If I had not been compliant and not had my colonoscopy five years later, or waited another five, I’d be stage four or dead. So, yes, you can go from a perfect colonoscopy to cancer in less than five years. Yes, you can be fit and healthy and get cancer. I like your blog, I love your story. Will be following.

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