Cough Be Gone!

Every since November I have been bothered by a cough. Not a little polite or “clear your throat” kind of cough but a full-on loud cough. If I happen to have a fever, I get the enjoyment of coughing spasms. It has made it hard to hold a conversation, to paint and….to sip a glass of wine!

In November it was determined that one of my lung tumors might be impeding my airway, so we tried some low-dose radiation to shrink the offending tumor. Ahhhh. My cough was finally gone…for about a week. Then the thought was that there was likely some irritation to the lung lining due to the radiation. The solution was a limited treatment with steroids and they worked marvelously, if I kept them at 40mg. The problem with that is that steroids make one susceptible to infection so they had to wean me off them. The last thing I wanted was a lung infection resulting in pneumonia. Pneumonia could literally be my last thing.

Since I am currently not on treatment, and will soon be heading off on our first vacation in about a year, Dr. P is addressing my ever worsening cough with a big container of 40 mg prednisone to stifle that obnoxious cough. It will be so nice to not cough loudly all the time. To fend off infections he has given me three different drugs to take prophylactically. Woo Hoo, I haven’t used prophylactics since before I was married. This could be a wild vacation!

Jimmy celebrates steroids and prophylactics!

We are still waiting for news on the bio-markers from the biopsy of June 30 of  my liver. Dr. M should have those results soon and then we can see what possibilities are presented by the data. But until then, I’m not coughing!

For today’s painting we have Bella, who resided in Oregon. She liked to hide in the bushes and ferns, but her big golden eyes and white chin, gave her away every time.Bella painting



30 thoughts on “Cough Be Gone!

  1. Bellissimo to the Asbell’s because if you haven’t used them since high school, then this long awaited holiday will be a lot of fun. Bella was the most amazing kitty that wooed your heart & played with your soul. Great job Jimmy A., you have Ms Lee that shines on your soul everyday. Chin chin to a great time.

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  2. Jim, you and Lee are awesome. Keep moving forward and have a fabulous vacation. Sending you lbth love, light and laughter and hugs of course! Bella is just too cute! You’ve done it again. 😽😽🎨🎨

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  3. I keep thinking about you. And, I keep hoping and praying for positive things. So…where are you two headed for your vacay?

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  4. no cough sounds like a relief! so i guess dr. m and dr. p will get together and see what they can come up with when they have their info. hope there is another clinical trial in the offing. oregon is going to look very green to you two after years in the desert. enjoy.
    love, marian

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    1. Eastern Oregon and eastern Washington is high. (4,000 ft) desert. More green than here, but nothing likePortland. It will be interesting to see what they will come up with based on the test results. In the meantime we are forgetting all that and plan to focus 100% on enjoyment


  5. So good to hear your cough is somewhat under control. Enjoy your vacation to the Pacific Northwest. Summer has been incredibly beautiful this year. Any chance you might be able to swing by the Lewis-Wenos compound on your travels? If not, Kathie and I will be at Worldmark in Windsor, CA from Oct. 4-8 if you’re in the neighborhood! Would love a drop-in there (we’ll have an extra bedroom).

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    1. We will be in Prineville and then on to Walla Walla, so no willamette valley this trip. It would be nice to visit Sonoma, our favorite wine region if you forget about the prices! Let’s talk some more on that subject


  6. Hi Jim, Hope all the new drugs help your cough. Bella is the exact image of my last cat, Katie. You and Lee have a WONDERFUL time in Oregon. Hope you get out to MY favorite spot, CANNON BEACH, at the ocean. Take care, Sandi B.

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  7. Such a relief to be rid of that pesky caugh!!! Sorry we’ll miss you in this trip though. If you were coming out a week later I’d be at our cabin in Redmond. Say Hi to the Adams for me!! Love to you both, Harmony


  8. I love reading your updates, Jim, and the latest picture of little Bella is adorable. (We had a dog when I was a little girl, named Henry – Lee might remember him – and he would run away, and then try to hide behind trees so we wouldn’t find him, but of course, he would hide his *head, and the rest of him just hung out the back, plainly obvious to us all! Dumb but sweet pets – we love them all.)

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