Lord Cotswold The Handsome, RIP

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After a valiant struggle with lymphoma, Cotty was put to rest this morning. He left behind a gaping hole in the Asbell family, but his suffering had to end. As with many cancer victims, he left this world way too early.

With his big softball head, huge golden eyes and luscious plush fur he was, indeed, a very handsome boy. Simply stroking his fur and hearing his loud purr helped Lee and I cope with our own struggles.

Cotty was always there for us, always greeting us when we came home. Knowing that it was difficult for me to bend down, he would jump on the end table for a proper “welcome home” by allowing me to provide a few strokes or a head scratch before jumping back down. After helping Lee get up in the morning by sitting on her head at 5:00 am, he would greet me when I stumbled out of the bedroom an hour later. He would assist Lee with putting away groceries and supervise her housework. He always helped me get dressed for the day. He loved computer work was was always ready to lend a paw, leg, or tail when we were on the computer. Cotty was a lovable goofball in many other ways and brought us tremendous joy. He was a key asset in our fight with my disease.

We miss you my sweet lord, oh how we miss you!


56 thoughts on “Lord Cotswold The Handsome, RIP

  1. Ken and I are so sorry to hear of Lord Cottswolds’s transition. . . . he will always be loved and missed. Blessings to you both and on his transition to the next realm. Heartfelt hugs, Susan

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  2. As our own tears are flowing, we can only our love. There are no words but you know our hearts are broken for and with you. Teri and Ernie

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  3. cotty, like all your kitties, had a wonderful life. he couldn’t have been in a more loving home. rest in peace, sweet boy. such a sad loss.

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  4. Dear Lord Cotswold may you soar the Universe & you eyes twinkle down upon your soulmates here & dear to you. The center OM of Peace you gifted your Family & you will always be cherished for the senses you imparted with them. A Master, mucho gracious for all your Love Lord Cotswold such a treasure & a pleasure to Lee & Jimmy A you are.

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  5. Dearest Jim and Lee,
    Oh dear, such a loss. Our hearts are aching and weeping with you. It really is like losing a member of our extended family. Prayers go out for both of you. Much love from John and Kathie.

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  6. So sorry to hear about Cotty. Take comfort in knowing you showed your love for him by letting go. Cherish the memories of the time you were blessed with him.

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  7. Oh sweet Cotty! That sweet handsome cat was such a blessing in your lives and such fun to visit. I was honored whenever I was allowed to pet him! May your memories comfort you. You two have been the most exemplary of cat owners/slaves I have ever known! Love to you both.

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  8. Oof – what a blow. He has been such a wonderful pet, and so much a part of your lives, I know his passing will leave a big gaping hole in your lived for quite some time. He was so much fun (and this from an avowed cat-hater!), and you both loved him so deeply. I don’t know how Lee has even managed to get up the last few days without him on her head! Sniff. A real loss. My heart goes out to both of you. Sweet dreams, Lord Cotty.


  9. Oh so sorry to hear the news. It seems that there are some pets that stand off in our lives and like people are there doing what we need done to help us on our way. Cherish the memories, remember the times and all the good things that he did for you. You and Lee will have a special place in our thoughts and prayers.


  10. Jim,

    Im so sorry to hear about little Cotty. Im crying right now but so happy that she was in your life:)


    Cathy and Little Dee Dee

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  11. Jim and Lee,
    I’m so sorry to hear the sad news about Cotty. Animal companions are family members and their passing is always difficult. You can take solace in knowing Cotty had a beautiful life and added immeasurably to your happiness.

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  12. Our deepest condolences on Cotty’s passing. May his STAR shine brightly on you forever. His lovely spirit enriched your lives as you two enriched his all too brief presence on earth. He will appear in your dreams to relive the many shared joys and to ease your pain. Our two friends still do, for the past nineteen years. Draw comfort from the beautiful life you provided for a very special soul.
    – Sanjoy & Diane

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  13. In the midst of your grief, may your beautiful, golden eyed, lusciously furred, handsome boy Cotty truly rest in peace with lovely dreams of his time on this earth goofing around with his amazing humans. And may Cotty’s dreams spill over into yours~Our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.

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