Jimmy Has A New Hat!

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail from my friend Harmony. Oh boy! Inside the box was an Oregon Duck cowboy hat.  Yippie-Ki-Yay I say! It just so happened that I had a presentation of my book and CAPE philosophy scheduled for this morning and the new hat was a fantastic addition to my presentation outfit. Perfect timing Harmony, thank you!

duck hat

The presentation was for the Forum Club of Green Valley. They have a speaker every Wednesday morning. The club president had attended one of my earlier talks and he thought I would be an ideal speaker for his group. This made me feel good. While we are on the subject of feeling good about myself, my insurance company assigns case mangers to their cancer patients. In a conversation with my case manager she mentioned that I certainly seem to know a lot more about cancer and treatment than most of her clients. I replied that I had written a book about how to deal with crappy diseases. She purchased it and told me how wonderful it was, and that she and other case managers are now using my CAPE philosophy with some of their clients. This made my day. My goal is to help people and this extends my reach beyond what I can personally do. It also makes me feel good about my brilliant writing skills. In addition, my book has been selected to be added to the Arizona Talking Books Library. Now my book will be available free of charge to those who do not have the ability to read.

Fortunately, my new hat is adjustable should my head swell too much.

Well, you’re probably wondering how my treatment is going, and so are we. We have no idea if it is working, but I’m feeling fine. My last infusion of Opdivo was boring…I mean 12 hours of boredom. But that is a good thing. Unlike the previous infusions, nothing exciting happened (medical excitement is usually bad) until the very end. The vampire was making the last blood draw of the day and he had a student with him.  I think he must had been showing him what NOT to do and blew the vein leaving me with a 3″x 2″ bruise. He then switched arms and showed the student the right way to do it. I had no “day after” side effects from the Opdivo, although I still have my annoying cough which makes it difficult to sneak up on people.

I will have another set of CT scans in late June so we should know more then.

My most recent infusion was on our 18th wedding anniversary. It wasn’t a particularly romantic day this time, but a day without any adverse health crises, and a day that will hopefully enable us to enjoy our 19th wedding anniversary. Our friends Ralph and Mary thought, rightfully so, that I’d be too worn out to take my bride to dinner and my bride would be too pooped to cook, so they brought us a wonderful anniversary dinner to our home, complete with flowers and a card.

mary ralph

The balance of this week and all of next week I am a free man with no doctor appointments. My back feels better which means I can catch up on my painting. Below is my latest effort. Tillie is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy. She has her very first duck and, based on that determined look in her eyes, it’s hers to keep!


This was a very hard painting for me to do because it represents a dawg having its way with a duck and brings back nightmares of the last game my Oregon Ducks played against the dirty dawgs of Washington. They destroyed us 70-29. Oh the horror!




12 thoughts on “Jimmy Has A New Hat!

  1. I love that you are having so much success with your book and speaking engagements!!! Congrats! Love the new hat too. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! It helps!

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  2. Good to hear you are having better luck with Opdivo.
    Good news here too. Nothing showed up on Gary’s brain MRI.
    He says because at this point there is nothing there. Ha! Ha!
    We will find out Monday if Tarceva is doing its magic.
    Take care!
    Jane Schilling

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  3. Glad to hear you’re getting a little time OFF from treatment, Dr’s etc. That means you also Lee. Yayyyy. Love the new dogie painting. You’re an excellent artist, writer, and speaker. Now don’t let your head get too big for your new cowboy hat. Tee Hee. Take care and enjoy your week off. Sandi B.

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  4. Great hat Jimbo, it completes the look! I’m glad you are doing well and in such good spirits. As for the poor duck, just remember the rise of the Phoenix!

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  5. You continue to be an inspiration to all who know, see, meet and read your word. Thank you. PS. A Duck Hat is always adjustable because Duck are always prepared for all things. Hugs to you and Lee. Earline

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