Green Valley News Column May 14

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you readers who qualify! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Below is my column that appeared in the Green Valley News today. You can also read it on line, At the end the column I mention that I will see Dr. M, the clinical director, tomorrow with the hope of getting some answers to my questions and determine my course of action. However, since I wrote the column a bronchoscopy has been scheduled for this Wednesday. Dr. K will run his little camera down my lungs and have a looksee to see what is going on in there. He will also be prepared to freeze, fry or stent in order free up my airway. Oh how I long for some deep breathing! As a result of the new procedure Dr. M changed my appointment until Friday and we will review all the scans, biopsy and bronchoscopy results.

I have finally had more time lately to get back to my palette and brushes. Below is Rusty, a fun loving Havanese with a strong gaze. This was a custom pet portrait that I donated to the Relay For Life auction in April. Rusty came over with his owner to pick up the painting over the weekend. He sniffed it, then licked it, then licked me! An obvious approval!FullSizeRender

GVN column May 14 2017



12 thoughts on “Green Valley News Column May 14

  1. Hey Jim… I read your column today…as I always do. And of course want you to know we’re thinking of you and wishing for something positive for you tomorrow. M.

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    1. Thank you.. They moved my appointment to Friday since I’m having a bronchoscopy on Wednesday, Dr. M will have more data. Oh what fun we have!
      When do you have your next surgical adventure?


  2. as always, more questions than answers. just keep on hoping for good news. i couldn’t make the newspaper article larger so it’s hard to read. hoping the pulmonary guy can help you breathe easier. that new rusty dog certainly has an intense gaze. bet he is one smart dog and he obviously loved the painting.

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  3. I had a bronchoscopy years ago when I had hypersensitivity pneumonia, I had no idea if it was a scary thing, but it was not. I was awake and ravenous (steroids) and eating lunch in no time at all. I read all your posts and this is the only thing I have in common with you so far. I hope you pass with flying colors.

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