A Song of Excitement

Below is my column from today’s Green Valley News. I was so excited that I wrote a song for it. Well a verse, anyway. Music by Meredith Wilson, lyrics by Jimmy Asbell.

But first, I know you are all wondering if I was able to set a new land speed record in Saturday’s Relay For Life event. Alas the race conditions were less than ideal, with sustained 20-mile-per-hour winds and gusts of 30 to 40 mph. Mother Nature made it impossible to hit my maximum speed. So, I will have to wait until next year for a new record.

The good news is that I won the race! I was just barely able to beat Lee who was running neck to neck with me from the beginning. From my start on the pole position, I was able to maintain my lead over the rest of the field. All that those behind me saw was the flapping of my red cape in the wind and the flash from the sun on my titanium crutches! The fact that no one knew that we were racing is totally irrelevant. I claim victory two years in a row. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to this cause. If you have not yet made a donation and wish to, there is still time. This link will take you to my page. http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY17GW?px=42510529&pg=personal&fr_id=80321

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

relay 2017
The Relay For Life asked me to give a few inspirational words to start the day’s festivities.

And now today’s column in the Green Valley News:

GVN 4-9-17.jpg

Tomorrow it is back to the treatment grind with a visit to the U of A Cancer Center for the vampire to draw her gallon of blood in preparation for Tuesday’s infusion, and a meeting with the brilliant Dr. M. My pesky cough and low-grade fever is still there, but I am strong and ready for round two.


20 thoughts on “A Song of Excitement

  1. Great red cape and nice legs!!??? Fighting the cancer cells! THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! Love ya man! Tell Lee, hello for me. Moe

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  2. and the Tuesday infusion is the drug that gives your own immune system a jolt and it attacks the cancer cells that the virus has been working on? right? are there horrendous side effects expected from that?

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  3. Hi Jim,

    You were awesome yesterday with your red cape and I did see it flapping in the wind! Thanks for being our speaker and for the article. It does a good job of explaining about what you are in the middle of right now. You make this virus thing work so I can retire from fundraising and enjoy what people call retirement, OK? I woke up at 3:00 am this morning still thinking about Relay!

    If you don’t mind, I am going to send this on to the team so that they can learn more about your clinical trial. Plus I love the picture of you on the stage.

    Thanks for doing such a great job of fundraising and for your book donations too.

    Lee did great yesterday too.


    ps. I hear that the paintings at Desert Meadows Park went flying through the wind yesterday too. How sad for such a nice venue and awesome event. All that work and preparation and the one thing we can’t control is the weather. Hope our friends at the painting club didn’t have any damaged pictures.


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    1. Lee left the Relay to work the Art in the Park, only to tear down the display before the wind took it. Oh well.
      Feel free to share my post with anyone. You do a great job Ginny , an amazing job!


  4. I hope you didn’t outrun your 36 trillion virus friends Saturday, Jim. Sounds like an alternate world you are involved with. Great column today, thanks!

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  5. Hey Big Jim,

    Planning to be in your neck of the woods next week (a week from this Thursday-Saturday). Are you all going to be around? If so, I would like to have nice dinner and a sip or two of vino with you, Lee, Dave Alhart, Mike Stapleton and hopefully Gary Watkins who expressed interest in joining me for the trip to Green Valley. I asked Dave to set up the dinner, if you are available, so you might weigh in on the selection of the restaurant unless you would like to dine at Jack In Box… Cheers!

    Best Regards,


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    1. Sounds like fun!we will be in town an in-between treatments, so the timing is perfect. The best restaurant in town and the ONLY one that has corkage is Ragazzi. Another option is to come to our house, no problem putting something on the grill.


  6. Way to go, caped crusader! Most exciting is the treatment you’re getting. I am looking at trying to get into one, either at UCLA or Tucson. Sounds like you’re weathering well the side effects!

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  7. Update — Looking forward to seeing you next week. It looks like it’s just us chickens (You/Lee, Dave, Mike and possibly Anita) for a visit and hopefully dinner. See you soon… Best, Max

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