Relay For Life

Whew, last week was certainly an exhausting week! Eleven hour days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the University of Arizona Cancer Center for the infusion of the oncolytic virus, with sleep deprivation on each of those nights as I suffered from the infusion after-effects of fever, chills and coughing. Tuesday and Thursday were doctor visits and blood draws at the Cancer Center, followed by extensive sleep to recover from the previous night’s lack of zzzz’s.

As difficult as that was, Saturday was worse. I watched my Oregon Ducks lose to North Carolina by a single point at the Final Four Tournament in Phoenix on Saturday evening. My poor Ducks. Fortunately I had a former Mitsubishi colleague attending the game to provide me with insider information. When he heard of the intensity of my heart broken condition, he drove over two hours to Green Valley today to check up on me. He assured me that “we was robbed.” He observed the over-inflation of the balls on the North Carolina bench. I knew it! The Over Inflategate scandal will soon reach the news throwing doubt on the entire tournament, with the Ducks as the primary victims!

Mark, a former colleague from my Mitsubishi days, filled me in on the scandalous activities on the North Carolina bench.

Needless to say my training suffered, heck, it totally stopped last week. I am now focused on reasserting myself this week with my preparation for Saturday’s event. What event you may ask? The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of course! Last year I set the land speed record for 68-year old man with stage IV cancer running on crutches! I plan on crushing the record this year. Although this is not designed to be a competitive event, I just can’t help myself. Furthermore, I challenge all comers to try to beat me. I will be wearing my red cape this year, which should increase my speed by at least 20%. Meet me at high noon at the track on the shores of Lake Sahuarita! But be forewarned that I may use dirty tricks to trip you, and my legions of fans will pelt you with frozen milk duds and jujubes should you attempt to pass me. If you do succeed in beating me, I will donate 100 Venezuelan Bolivars* to the Relay For Life in your  name.FullSizeRender

All joking aside, please support me in my efforts to raise funds to stop this horrible disease and to help those and their families who are currently affected by it. Please click on my link below. Any and every dollar (American) will help make a difference. Thank you.

*Venezuelan bolivar is now at 1000% inflation and growing daily so it will minimize my financial risk, ha ha.



14 thoughts on “Relay For Life

  1. Glad you got that tough week in the rear view mirror. Sorry about the Ducks. Wrong night for our dynamic duo to go 5-22. Keep up the great work. Run Jimmy run!

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  2. lee’s dot filled universe is a perfect background for the wild-eyed, cape-clad jimmy. hope race day won’t be 100 degrees. keep hydrated.

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  3. Jim,
    You look great! I hope you are feeling as well as you look. Tough break for the Ducks…. 😦 Good luck on the run, don’t trip on your cape and don’t let your fans eat all the frozen Milk Duds!

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  4. You look good Jim, your treatment must be working for you. Good luck in your race. I know that man in the RED CAPE will be the FIRST one over the finish line.

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  5. Great post Jim. I sure hope this week is better than last. I also trust that the new regimen is doing just what it needs to do on those nasty cancer cells. Love the picture of you in the red cape and really looking forward to seeing you and Lee on Saturday. Go Team!

    Hugs, Lynn

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