Watch My Oncolytic Virus Destroy Cancer!

Today is my second infusion of Enad, the oncolytic virus that attacks the cancer cells.  Lee found this short article that has actual video footage of the Enad virus killing cancer cells. Cool!!    Click on this link:

All of this action displayed in the video is going inside my body and caused severe fever with temps  in excess of 102, combined with intense coughing spasms on Monday  night.  Monday was not a relaxing evening, but probably more relaxing for me than some of those cancer cells residing inside me.   Ha!

Other than being tired, yesterday I felt fine and today I feel great.  After visiting with Dr. M yesterday, Lee and I are more prepared tonight if the internal battle causes the same collateral damage. Dr. M reminded us that the fever is an indication that the virus is causing havoc with the enemy.

In it to win it!


21 thoughts on “Watch My Oncolytic Virus Destroy Cancer!

  1. people always talk about ‘fighting’ cancer. it is great to see the army working for you actually demolishing the bad guys. i can hardly believe what good fortune the timing for this to be available to you just when you’d pretty much run through the usual useful chemo. if you had not tried the standard drugs already, they wouldn’t have let you in. no fun being the host for the battle but what a hope-filled chance this trial offers!

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