Another Cancer Victim

Cotty A recent photo of my 16-lb Cotty enjoying my soft belly as I am laying on my back in a vain attempt to nap!

First Lee, then me, and now Cotty, aka, Lord Cotswold the Handsome. All of us are members of the cancer club. Cotty is the latest addition to this shitty club. He has lymphoma in his sinus cavity. As with me, there are no treatment options that make any sense.This afternoon Lee and I were given the option of euthanizing him while he was still under anesthesia or taking him home for kitty hospice care. We chose the latter.

I am glad we did. We have a bird’s nest outside our home office window. Cotty discovered it yesterday. One of the first things he did when he came home this afternoon was to jump on the counter to check on “his” nest.

Cotty will be treated with steroids and antibiotics to hopefully keep symptoms under control. Nurse Lee also has kitty morphine to use as needed. We were told that in some cases the steroids actually slow the cancer growth. However it is a day by day thing. No one can say how well he will do, but I gathered from the conversation with the doctor that a month or two is the norm. We will be quick to pull the plug. We will not let him suffer.

Cotty is my best buddy and provides mountains of joy to my everyday living. This is very difficult for me.


27 thoughts on “Another Cancer Victim

  1. Oh Jim – heartbreaking. So, so hard. We owe so much to our pets, and it is so difficult to be responsible for “that” decision. Your kitties have had the best care possible from you. All my love.

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  2. so sorry about this news. pets are lovable family. he is in good hands and you will care for him as long as he’s enjoying life. i’d say it was terrible timing but there’s no good time for this.

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  3. Words can’t begin to tell you how sorry and sad we are feeling for and with you right now. We do know what you are going through as we have been there with our beautiful kitties. He has brought you such joy and am sure will continue right to the end. Hugs to you both

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  4. So sorry to hear this about another member of the Asbell family. We know this family to be fun loving, caring and fighters for the cause. We know that you and Lee are there for one another and your family. And in the background is the army of those that care for all of you. Prayers from us.

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  5. So sorry that you have this added stress to deal with. Cotty looks identical to our “Oliver”. No one can understand unless they have walked in the shoes of someone who has cared for and lost a beloved pet. When we had our cats, David said that if he wanted to have something cute that would grow up and ignore him- he would have had more kids. 🙂 Cherish him for as long as you have him.

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    1. Funny. Cotty is not the stereotype cat. He greets me when I come home and the first thing in the morning, he follows me around, always “helping” unless he is sleeping of course his normal 18-20 hours.


  6. Jim,

    Im so sorry to hear about Cotty but Im glad she (?) is home safe and sound with family. Since I now have Little Dee Dee I totally understand the pain that you are going through. I hope you guys have a great weekend and Happy St Patricks Day!

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  7. Jim and Lee, I am so terribly sorry about little Cotty, I know how much you love him. Animals are so loyal, I’d like to think this is his way of trying to take your pain on himself, but that’s just anthropomorphic wishful thinking. However, he knows he is loved.

    The truth is cancer sucks, no matter who or what gets it.

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  8. Hey Jim, This is a very tough blow and as a cat and dog person I know what it’s like to lose them. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you, Lee and now Cotswold.

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  9. Well buggersnot….this is carrying sympathy and empathy too far even for a cat. May he defy all the odds and live another 3 years. Our critters are so very important to us so I do understand. In a side note, I just spent a few days in Las Vegas with my nephew and wife….she is on Opdivo and had great results in the first 2 treatments…….drug provided by the company on compassionate use level as insurance didn’t cover it, etc. you know that routine. She had to stop taking it because of a side effect, her liver #s were going up. After several months her tumor in colon had grown by 1 centimeter so she is to go back on Opdivo this week. (She has been doing great, walking all over (well, in Vegas I did more walking than I have in years. Stayed at the Bellagio and just getting to room must be a half marathon at least). But this time they are going to use an anti-rejection drug used for liver transplants to counter her side effect. I mention it to you both only because these days we want to acquire as much info as we can and may be of use in your treatment. Everybody responds differently and your group may have strict controls since you are a pioneer, but I can get that info to you if you want to mention it to your team of drs. Here’s hoping the Opdivo works as well as for you, I did buy shares in the company to reflect my faith in the drug. Carry On and Tally HO! Judy

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    1. Buggersnot pretty much says it all! I have my lung biopsy Friday and then virus treatment is Monday thru Friday next week with 12 hour days M-W-F! I’m tired just thinking about it. Opdivo is infused on April 11 giving time for the virus to agitate the tumors.


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