Delay of Game

I’ve been feeling rather crappy the past few days, with increased cough, dizziness and a low grade fever in the afternoon and evening.  However this morning my fever started early and was over 100 degrees when I got up.  I sent an email to the trial nurse telling him of my symptoms and asking if they had a look at my CT scan from Wednesday.   After looking at it closely it appears that I have a touch of pneumonia in my right lung.  This is my third lung infection since mid December.  

As a result they cancelled my biopsy and treatment dates.  I am now on the antibiotic Levofloxacin for seven days.   Once I sign the consent form, I must complete all tests and begin treatment within 28 days.  So that gives the clinic a little two weeks after I get off the antiboiotics to complete a biopsy, get the data back and begin treatment.  


23 thoughts on “Delay of Game

  1. well! that’s annoying. hope the levofloxicin does the trick. is that amoxicillin? i think so. be better soon. have lee make chicken soup too. couldn’t hurt.

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  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! You’ve had the pneumonia vaccine, right? I’ve had a few bouts with that, and it is no fun. You’ll rebound soon! TGIF. Take care, Jane and Don

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  3. Well, you know where to “Chuck” that nasty bug and get on those “antibodies” and get this thing out of you so you can get going on this new journey!

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  4. Hang in there Jim. Great seeing you today. I trust that adorable new dog portrait brings a smile and helps to keep your spirits up. Take good care and know that swift healing wishes are winging their way to you. Got to get well so you can don the red cape and zap those pesky cancer cells into oblivion! Blessings, Lynn Maier

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  5. Praying right now that those antibiotics do their job! And I agree with Marian…chicken soup is exactly what you need! Sending love and prayers your way!

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  6. Rest, relax let the antibiotics and chicken soup do their work. Paint if you need, just find a relaxing place to center yourself. Oh so hard to do but so easy to tell someone else you care for. Will be keeping you in prayer.

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  7. So sorry for the delay Jim. It’s got to feel like two steps forward and one back. We’ll pray for a quick recovery that meets their timetable. Hang in there.

    Love from Mark and Ellen

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  8. Hope you are feeling better, the antibiotic has started working and that the clock restarts soon. Thinking of you both and sending prayers your way.

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  9. Well just EFF THAT. Nasty to feel bad, nasty to have to wait – nasty nasty. Any silver lining here? Get to paint more? Get to binge on Goliath or Legends? Or Goliath AND Legends?! Smell more roses? Ah, eff it. I sincerely hope you feel better soon.

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