Waiting and Thinking and Wondering

Today Lee and I had our much awaited meeting with Dr. M to see what magical tricks he would be able to pull out of his bag after examining the data pulled from the tumor biopsy from last month. Alas my tumor yielded no secrets. He was hoping to find some specific mutations that would open a door for innovative treatment. Unfortunately I have pretty much run of the mill type of colon cancer that is resistant to treatment. He did indicate that an FDA approved drug for pancreatic cancer had some possibilities, something to be reviewed and considered.  

Dr. M indicated that there are currently two clinical trials coming to their center for which I would qualify. One is for an oncolytic virus from PsiOxus and the other is for the Bristol-Myers Squibb drug, Opdivo. Opdivo is an immunotherapy drug that has had some success with other types of cancer (melanoma, small cell lung, Hodgkin’s lymphoma) but not colon cancer at this point. The PsiOxus virus is designed specifically to attack my tumors directly. I am on the waiting list for both trials. The Opdivo will probably open up in 4-6 weeks and I would be able to participate. The PsiOxus trial is very allocated and my participation wouldn’t be available for four months or so. From what I had read and what Dr. M discussed with us at our prior meeting about the PsiOxus drug excited me very much and I am not alone. There are only six locations in the US for this trial with a very small number of participants. He told us he is getting calls and messages from desperate patients throughout the country seeking placement. We also discussed possible trials in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Lee and I will discuss all of this with Dr. P on Thursday. So lots to think about, waiting and wondering. Fortunately I feel great, I am strong and healthy. In the short term I will continue on my “treading water” drug Lonsurf which seems to still be slowing the tumor growth at this point.

Fortunately Lee and I have a diversion in place.  Some of my friends from Oregon were attending the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions over the weekend and decided to do a side trip to Green Valley.  Former customers of mine from my wine shop days, they came with a bounty of fine wines which went fabulous with Lee’s fantastic ribs!

Local boy Moe, joined John, Paul, Jim and jimmy for a fun night!

We took no prisoners! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

9 thoughts on “Waiting and Thinking and Wondering

  1. great photo of you and the “boys”. bummer about the waiting list. hoping dr. p will have some helpful thoughts on Thursday. what a roller coaster ride this cancer business is!

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  2. Crikey, Jim! Six bottles of wine for six people?! It’s a wonder those livers are still working. You all look great, too! So I guess the wine and livers ARE working. Keep on keeping on, and I hope you get encouraging news on Thursday.

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  3. Ruth beat me to it, but I was counting five happy smiles and six empty bottles. I can’t see that sixth smile on Lee, the photographer, but I know it is there. Wishing you the best, Marj

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  4. Thanks for the update Jim. I am heartened to hear there are new clinical trials out there that may be helpful. And very glad you had a good visit with friends to cheer you on. Looks like a fine time with equally fine wine! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always, Lynn Maier

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