Looking Forward to 2017 and Beyond!

Lots of exciting and good news to report. The most exciting news is that I’m here writing this post. It was twenty-two months ago that I received my “your toast” diagnosis of incurable cancer. At that time, the average survival time for Stage IV colon cancer that had spread to the lungs and liver was twenty-two months. So, I guess I’m above average. Boy did Miss Finkle, my second grade teacher, get that one wrong. Ha! She said I was below average!!  See my column below from today’s issue  of the Green Valley News for my thoughts on this emotionally charged and significant milestone event for me.

So more exciting news you want huh? OK, I feel great…how’s that? Although I ended 2016 feeling poorly and we had to cancel our Christmas plans, I’ve jumped into 2017 ready to roll. My radiation treatments are finished and my cough is diminishing. On Friday I’m giving my first presentation of 2017, in conjunction with Arizona Oncology. US Oncology, the parent corporation of Arizona Oncology, is redoing their web site and will feature me and my story on their site. My book, Live Well With Terminal Illness and Other Crappy Diseases, is now available in an audio book format on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. This is perfect for people who are too weak to read, or would prefer to listen to it while undergoing chemo, driving or exercising. Of course they’ll miss out on my brilliant artwork.

Still not satisfied?  We have an appointment Monday morning with our guru research oncologist at the U of A Cancer Center. Lee just discovered that Dr. M. was one of only eleven physician-scientists to receive 2017 grant funding from the Harrington Discovery Institute. Harrington’s focus is to advance breakthrough pharmaceutical discoveries. With funding of up to $700,000 per scientist along with involvement from the pharmaceutical industry to make it happen, it is exciting news. It will be interesting to see what Dr. M. has for us to ponder. But it is comforting to know that we are dealing with a genius. I feel fortunate. 

You can also read my column on-line at gvnews.com

As my health and energy improved, I suddenly found a paint brush in my hand.  Below our my two latest creations for your amusement.  Thank you all for your support!

Say “hi” to Alice. She lived in Seattle, is the collar really green our is it just moss covered?
This is Roxie, what a cutie. Do you see the similarity to Marty Fieldman?


20 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2017 and Beyond!

  1. Him I am happy for your good news I am at this moment sitting in chemo chair with only 1 more after today I have been looking for clinical trials none available till I have a reoccurance bah hum bug the vaccine trial at mayo is out of funding. Wishing I was in warm azz

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      1. Jim, I have a 60 inch Mits that is having problems. Should I ship it to you in Arizona by truck or put the pieces in a box and ship it UPS? Keep up the good work inspiring others.
        Dave Lewis

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  2. Jim I am happy for your good news I am at this moment sitting in chemo chair with only 1 more after today I have been looking for clinical trials none available till I have a reoccurance bah hum bug the vaccine trial at mayo is out of funding. Wishing I was in warm azz


  3. how good it is to feel your health is in such expert hands! am excited about hearing what news you receive next Monday. glad to know you have recovered from whatever it was you had last month when you were feeling really crappy. you’re becoming quite a celebrity! I’m sure your attitude is very helpful for others in the same boat. the new doggy friend, alice, looks so smart I wouldn’t be surprised if she speaks English.

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  4. Two years of “Living Life to it’s Fullest” is an extraordinary feat & we look forward to where we are going in 2017. Like water & wind forming a Slot Canyon there is an incredible story for those that read the rock’s presentation. You have taken us along this journey & we thank you for your “Above Average” taste in Wine Women & Living & two years of Critter’s are blessed to be immortalized by your very painterly vision. Congratulations much love always on every brush stroke. Piepster

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  5. Hi Jim – hey, you are WAY above average in my estimation! So glad to hear you are feeling better and in excellent hands with Dr. M. Love the new paintings! Sorry to miss the talk you will be giving but I know it will be great. Sending love and hugs to you and Lee, Lynn

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  6. You are amazing Jim. Joe and I are pleased that you keep conquering this difficult road. We have both read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. We miss you in the neighborhood. Carol and Jie Ghaffari

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  7. I can feel the sun shining through to us in your writing, Jim. And congrats on being an exceptional achiever. Best wishes to you and your new Dr. M! Marj. PS. I like the shadow you added to Roxie

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