No More Pokes Till Next Year!

On Wednesday I had a biopsy done on a tumor in my left lung. This will be the last poke until next year. No more blood draws, no more chemo infusions, no more contrast dye or PET scan infusions!   Hooray for me!  The only shots I will get for the rest of the year are tequila shots!

For the lung biopsy I got to take part in the procedure. I was an active participant. Translation: Jimmy was required to stay awake.

Bring it on!!!

Using a CT scan image to guide them, they inserted a probe in my back and just noodled along. Occasionally they would stop and instruct me to “hold still”(translation: this is gonna hurt). After several more “hold still” followed by “I’ll increase your Demerol” they found their treasure. The tumor sample will be sent away for genetic testing. They will test 592 genes for mutations. This information will hopefully provide insights into treatment options. It will be a couple of weeks before pathology results be back, then we will meet with the research oncologist to plot and plan. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have only 4 more sessions of radiation therapy on the tumor near my airway in my right lung. This little bastard (well not so little)  was causing a bad cough. After the initial treatments the cough got better. Then ten days ago it got worse, then I started getting feverish and the cough got worse yet. There was a concern that I had an infection, so they gave me antibiotics. The cough remained but the fever diminished a bit. The fever comes and goes. 

The CT scan done during the lung biopsy  confirmed there was no infection. In my meeting today with the radiologist he felt that inflamation resulting from the radiation was most likely the cause of the increased cough. He put me on steroids to reduce the inflamation. He interprets the fever as a result of the cancer itself, which I have had on and off throughout this cancer adventure. So, all relatively good news. 

I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Please meet my latest fuzzy friends:

Luka is a big California boy, 100 pounds of pure muscle, and a very happy lap dog!
Skippy lives in Oregon.  He loves both smooth and chunky. 
Little D is the cutest little fluff ball in all of Utah and she knows how to get her way!


30 thoughts on “No More Pokes Till Next Year!

  1. No more Pokes in 2016 for Jimmy A, but we have traveled across the blog sphere with you & heard great book talks grow to the Super CAPE of our relationship with you. The Incredible Journey has us sending our prayers of Peace & Health as you paintings continue to grow in skill of mastery. Thank you Asbell’s for our New Year Toast to you. Your incredible journey is profound, thank you for allowing us all to be with you.

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    1. Literary license, I really don’t care for tequila. I have actually been on the wagon for a week. I know….shocking! I do sincerely appreciate your offer though. Happy New Year


  2. ouchie on the biopsy….ugh. Love the pet portraits they are all winners! hey we watched Sing Street today…it was a winner, thanks for the recommendation! Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. Your posts, with those off-handed mentioning of different procedures, always make me want to take copies to my oncologists, with a “Look what Jim is doing.” You’re a strong and thorough fighter and, all the while, maintaining your sense of fun. Shows in your playful critters. How are you able to work so hard at producing your art?

    Happy New Year!



    1. My art relaxes me, I love painting my critters. As far as fighters go, Mr 70+ chemo sessions, you are the definition of fighter! Did you get my email of some promising immunotherapy trials? Happy New Year !


  4. the biopsy was no fun but ok if it comes through with good information. too bad they couldn’t put you under. one wouldn’t mind skipping that! I especially love the painting of skippy. what a cutie. happy new year to my Arizona kids. love,

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    1. The one good thing about not being out, recovery is a lot shorter. They got a good slice of tissue, it will be loaded with genetic info. I am curios to see what our genius research oncologist comes up with.


  5. God Bless you both, Mr and Mrs A. My daughter and I are a pair of your AZ Oncology waiting room partners. Dido is Dr A and Dr G’ s patient. Presently in her middle of 30 days radiation after bilateral mastectomies…

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    1. Thank you both for your support. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. It took me a long time to get over bilateral mastectomies, but here I am 18 years later and still cancer free!


  6. First, let me say again what a joy it is to see your paintings! Always so full of personality and life. Second, just enjoy the heck out of this weekend. Feel the breeze on your face, as they say. Another friend of mine just bought your book – you continue to be refreshing and candid, and while I know it must be hard for you, it is helping others. So keep on keeping on!

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    1. I am so glad you enjoy my paintings. They are a joy to paint and to see or hear the reactions from the recipient, I like double dips. have two goals in life:

      To live life to its fullest for as long as possible, even if that means a shorter life
      To help others deal with crappy diseases that disrupt their life


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