To 2016 and Beyond!

Yesterday afternoon Little Lee and I had our last meeting of the year with Dr. P. There are lots of things assaulting Jimmy’s body right now. My body is still processing the effects of the liver nuke from last month, my on going Lonsurf chemo regimen and now the irradiating of a large tumor in my right lung that was causing a never ending cough. Just like in the old Timex watch commercials, my body “takes a licking and keeps on ticking!” Other than slightly low hemoglobin in my blood workup everything looks hunky dory. As an added bonus my cough has been reduced significantly and my CEA cancer marker has been reduced by a third from last month! Although my CEA number is still above normal, me likey the direction. 

I will continue the right lung radiation for two more weeks and next week I will have  a biopsy of a tumor in my left lung to provide Dr. M a plethora of information about the genetic makeup of the tumor.  You may recall that Dr. M is a research oncologist at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. In January we will meet with Dr. M to go over the results of the biopsy and explore some new and exciting treatment options. 

As I look back over this “topsy turvy” 2016 so many things have happened, many of which were good. I wrote and published my first book and it actually got rave reviews! I recently hired an actor to record the book and it will soon be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes as an audio book. This will address the needs of the blind and ill patients that have  difficulty reading as well as those that prefer to listen to books while exercising or driving. 

I launched my inspirational speaking tour based on my book. I have given talks to several survivor groups and even given a sermon at a local church. I will continue on with this into the new year with speaking  engagements slated with Arizona Oncology in January and the University of Arizona Cancer Center in February.

Both the Jimmy Asbell Art Studio and the Asbell Art Studio are getting busier.  Nearly 40 assorted cats and dogs (with a few giraffes thrown in) have been anointed by my paint brush and I couldn’t come close to counting all the thousands of dots on Little Lee’s canvases. Thank you to those of you are are supporting us starving thirsty artists, this is our wine fund you know.

This past January started off wonderfully as the chemotherapy of the prior six months had eliminated all evidence of cancer in my lungs and reduced the size and activity of the liver tumors. I was confident that I would be one of the lucky few Stage IV patients who would skate along for years with minimal treatment.

But my cancer roared back in both the lungs and liver by March. So we had to change drugs and move to the “second line” treatment. The “second line” treatment was a total failure. Not only did the cancer grow unabated, but I had several trips to the ER because of side effects. One of the side effects was a perforated septum.

In June I began my “third line” of chemo, Lonsurf. There will be no “fourth line” of chemo treatment, the available options are ineffective with horrific side effects.  So Lee and I pondered the after chemo options of clinical trials or hospice, a trying and worrisome period. 

After being initially ineffective, Lonsurf began to show signs of slowing down the growth of my disease. This allowed us to use “Whack a Mole” tactics with various radiation treatments to deal with the larger tumors. Although the disease was growing slower, it is still growing.  Althoughing buying me some time, the long term prospects with Lonsurf are not good.

Throughout all of these ups and mostly downs there was one constant that sustained us….YOU.  Your readership, friendship, thoughts, prayers, well wishes, blog comments, love, caring and companionship all mean so much to Lee and I.  The anniversary of my first year of survivor-ship (my Green Toe Party) and my birthday party that many of you attended meant a lot to me, these are victory celebrations to me. Thank you to the many friends and family from across the country who paid us a visit and got to see I am as handsome as ever. πŸ˜„ Thanks for the escape trips to Mexico, San Diego and the slot canyons that broke up the regimen of treatment and provided Lee and I “life” refreshment. 

As we approach 2017 I am excited. I have many more critters to paint, I have many more wines to drink, many more friends to hug and, my friend Tom May assures me, I have many more Oregon Duck victories to cheer. I know there are no promises or not even probabilities. But there are soooo many new possibilities and I am energized by them. Science is on the move.

Since Christmas Eve and Hanukkah fall on the same day, Lee and I wish you a Joyful Christmukkah, a double dip holiday!!  I will talk to you in a couple of weeks, Happy New Year everyone.




29 thoughts on “To 2016 and Beyond!

  1. Hey Jim,

    The holidays always makes me think of working the “Mitsubishi Mobile Showroom” in places like Rocklin CA, Portland OR, Medford OR, Boise ID, Redding CA and Saint George UT among other locations. Those were busy but also fun times and I have good memories to take with me from my days working with you and all of the other fine folks at Mitsubishi. And I do miss them. I wish you and Lee a Very Merry Christmas season and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in 2017!

    Take Care & All The Best!


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  2. Another great blog post, Jim. Thanks for all the news. Every detail is interesting, and it helps us be there with you as you examine with humor and practicality all the options. Which may well be our own options one day, so it’s so good to have your thoughts. Hope the weather is mild and company wild on your Christmukkah!

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  3. I think it will be so interesting to see what they learn from the tumor biopsy next week. does it take a long time for the lab to come up with info on over 500 results, or do we have any idea? this isn’t something most people ever have done.

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  4. That’s a great way to wrap the year JIm. So proud of the positive approach you and Lee are taking to your illness. Here’s to a better 2017. God Bless you guys.

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  5. Hi Jimbo,

    You have been and continue to be an inspiration to me and all of your readers. Through thick and thin you have remained so positive while sharing the ups and downs of your treatment.

    Trace and I have been contemplating another visit to Green Valley, maybe later this spring. If we can make it, we will definitely stop in and say Hi. As for your Ducks, I suspect they will put the hurt on many teams next year, but I hope they don’t thump the Utes again, we needed that win!

    Merry Christmas my friend, I hope you and Lee have an enjoyable holiday season and I look forward to all your posts, paintings, articles, seminars and maybe a new book on how to paint

    Best wishes,


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    1. We would love to see you guys, please give us a heads up. As far as writing a book on how to paint, I’m still in the “learning how to paint” phase! Merry Christmas to you and Tracey!


  6. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for the update. Even though you are a Ducks fan you are an inspiration and a role model for all of us. Thanks again for the awesome portrait of our kids dog, Luka. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…! We love you…
    Warm Personal Regards,

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  7. Hi Jim and Lee, You’ve BOTH had a super busy 2016. Some of it good. Some not so good. But you’ve BOTH been an INSPIRATION to ALL of us with your strength and POSITIVE attitude.
    God be with you and may 2017 be a BETTER year for the two of you. Please CONTINUE with those Clinical trials. Sandi B.

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  8. Wishing you both a new year of wonderful todays and beautiful skies, fantastic sunrises and even more spectacular sunsets – all with a glass of two of wine with many great and wonderful family and friends. This along with more encouraging words and smiles for all those you meet along the way. Keep the energy moving and spread it along the way. Have a great day!

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  9. Merry Christmas to you and Little Lee!!! I still wear my bracelets every day!

    I can’t wait to hear the results of the biopsy and to see what trial you wind up in. I keep reading every day about great results from immunotherapy. Fingers crossed.

    We are also thinking of a spring visit to Green Valley. Let’s discuss. Miss you guys!

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  10. Hello Handsome, sending you both our best wishes. This is an interesting read, you are surfing the cutting edge of science and medicine. I/we think of you way more than we express. Big hugs, Marj and Steve too

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