Map For A Tumor-Free Liver

Yesterday I visited the Tucson Medical Center for an all day out patient “mapping” procedure. Eighteen months ago the massive tumor in my colon and one small liver tumor were surgically removed at this hospital. In ten days I am hopeful that I will return to TMC for the procedure that will obliterate the remaining large gnarly liver tumor. 

However, the evening prior to the mapping procedure my leg brace broke. Could this be a bad omen?  The following morning at TMC admitting we encountered more ominous signs.

Bravely, or perhaps foolishly, I ignored these omens and proceeded with my medical adventure. They rolled me into a room reminiscent of the futuristic operating room where Leeloo found herself in the movie The Fifth Element. Music was blaring in the room as machines and masked beings busily assembled their devices. I was strapped down, my hands were cuffed as they politely asked me if I was comfortable. They tightened the straps. Then the maestro appeared, known as Dr. Z.  They gave me some “happy” juice, but just enough to take the edge off, eupuhismically called conscious sedation. I wouldn’t want to miss the excitement, now would I?  I had to stay awake to stop breathing upon command as moble scanning devices were taking their images. They inserted a catheter into the femoral artery in my groin area and worked its way to my liver to have a look see (angiogram).  While there Dr.Z sealed all exits from the tumor area (embolization) to prevent radiation leak out which would result collateral damage to healthy tissue in other organs. Dr. Z  then inserted a small dollop of radioactive “test” beads into the tumor area.  I was then whisked away for a nuclear scan to test for leakage.  What a fun morning!

Jimmy gives his liver tumor the “bye” sign as he waits.

Dr. Z gave Lee the good news that my liver looked great (the power of fine red wine?) with the exception of the targeted tumor.  The isolated location of the tumor and the condition of the rest of the liver is such that she plans on delivering a DOUBLE DOSE of radioactive isotopes to make certain the tumor goes bye bye.  A final decision will be made after nuclear scan results.

On Wednesday I gave my third talk over a five day period. This talk was to the  Living With Hope cancer support group. I was honored to have one of my oncology nurses introduce me.


16 thoughts on “Map For A Tumor-Free Liver

  1. Don’t you hate it when they tell you to stop breathing?! Sounds like a good visit and encouraging news that your liver is fabulous in spite of that unwelcome beast. Your perseverance and good cheer is an inspiration to all!

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  2. happy to hear a glowing report on the health of most of your liver. this is amazing stuff they do these days. Halloween is the time to laugh at bad omens. I think your dear neighbor who has helped you before with brace problems has , sadly, died. so are you still mobile? a long wait for a repair?

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  3. Thanks for the update Jim. Very glad to hear the positive news about the overall health of your liver – I agree, it must be the good red wine! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and will envision a good zapping of that pesky tumor. 😊

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  4. Good news regarding the results of red wine. Not sure the medical profession will let you broadcast it or if they do there goes the price of “fine red wine”. Continue on the journey and many more days filled with sunshine.

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  5. Jim, I hope it’s ok that I sent this latest blog (without your ok) to my Healing Touch sistas asking for prayers/ healing meditation directed your way….. in the upcoming battle to send those cancer spooks packing! Many are nurses (and a doctor or two) who will be inspired by your courage and wisdom and will likely pass on the news of your book to clients and friends.

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  6. Hi old buddy, have been enjoying your posts if that’s the right word for it. Star Trek comes to mind. Yes, Star Trek😕. I can paraphrase dr. McCoy and say “damn it Jim I’m a salesman not a doctor. How can I help you.” You could also change your “FU” cancer sign to Mr. Spock’s sign “live long and prosper” It seems that everything is looking better. I’m glad you are having as much of a good time as you can. Happy two week birthday Love Susan and Bill

    Bill Wright

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  7. Hi Jim – your strength and sense of humor in the face of such adversity is SOOOO inspiring! Ken’s cousin is also saying Fuck You! to colon cancer. It really, really sucks. Just want to say thank you for helping all of us smile. As Joni Mitchell sings, “laughing and crying, it’s the same release.” Hang in there Jim, and fuck cancer!

    PS – sorry what my Dawgs did to your Ducks…..


  8. Thanks Megan, sorry to hear of Ken’s cousin. If he/she is having a tough time my book may help. Only $4 in e-book format on Amazon or I would be pleased to send a signed paperback to you.
    I don’t think you a truely sorry about what your dawgs did to my ducks. But I’ll allow you one win every 12 years. 😄


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