The Sermon & Birthday Celebration Week 2

The last of the Oregon contingent left today, Lee tells me that signifies the end of my birthday celebration. Poo!!  It was a fun filled few days, celebrating not only my birthday, but also that of Dennis and John. Three, three, three birthday celebrations!  Great food, great wine and great times! 

Heather and Kathie join the birthday boys for lunch on a sunny afternoon.

Our four Oregon friends joined Lee and I for a Sunday morning adventure, my very first sermon. Lee would disagree, as she claims I often preach to her. But this was different, it was in a church.It was a very interesting and fulfilling experience for me. I participated in several aspects of the service, delivering the Meditations and Living Gratitude, in addition to guest speaker. Many thanks to Ernie Lopez for offering me this opportunity and for putting together a great service. Not only was I able to deliver my message to over 100 people, but I had many heart felt one-on-one discussions after the service ended.
From behind the podium I share my gratitude for the special people who changed my life.
The cape appears as my sermon, my C.A.P.E. philosophy, begins.
Jimmy works the crowd, er…I mean interacts with the congregation. πŸ˜„

Below I would like to share with you two gifts from artisan friends, one Oregon friend and one Arizona friend, that I felt deeply.  

My friend from Oregon, and former vineyard partner, made this beautiful quilt.  On the inside of the quilt is a special message of support.  For those non enophiles, “Brix” is a wine term indicating the ripeness of the grape. Thank you Linda.

A friend from my time here in Arizona, made this pendant. It was inspired by Lee’s and my recent adventure in the slot canyons, along with our love for wine and each other. Sorry for the fuzzy photos. Thank you Piepster.

Oven the past 10 days I have felt so loved. I know, and my friends and family know, this could be my last birthday. I hope to see many more birthdays, but if not, at least I went out smothered with love and friendship. But now there are things to do.  I have a book presentation tomorrow for the Living With Hope cancer support group. Friday I will have the reconnaissance of my liver in preparation of the nuke of the big tumor on November 1. Thank you one and all for your support in my battle. 

Now, all together..1….2….3…FUCK CANCER!!!!!


25 thoughts on “The Sermon & Birthday Celebration Week 2

  1. The “BRIX” a measure of the sugar content of the Grapes before they are harvested and used to estimate the Alcohol content of the resulting wine was incredible during the Birthday Celebration. From the incredible collection of wine to the Ducks Fuck cancer Cake the sugar steadily rose like a close game. The “Bouquet” technically refers to the aspects of a wines Scent derived from the wine making process & bottle aging. The Healing Justice of the Lopez lead talk and the coming talks have such Bouquet that we say Thank You Lee for hosting such a celebration. Happy Birthday Jimmy A, we all love you.

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  2. Read the blog. Good stuff! God bless you my friend! God bless little Lee!! You two give strength to Patti and me, with your amazing attitude!! Love man Moe

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  3. Love Love Love the quilt (front and back!). Thank you for being the brave and inspiration person that you are and taking your message to the congregation on Sunday. The presentation was incredible. And, by the way, we plan to celebrate many more birthdays with you!!!!!

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  4. you have had a non-stop celebration and must be ready to catch your breath. I love your friends and they love you. no surprise in that. and still have time and energy for writing and talking to people and supporting those who are also dealing with crappy diseases. I am in awe. love to you and lee.

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  5. Jim – I am not at all surprised you spoke to a UU congregation, and in fact, I bet they’d like to have you give the guest sermon at UU churches as far as you are willing to travel! John and I were very involved in our local UU church when our girls were younger, as we found it the ideal combination of community and ethical teaching, with a touch of spirituality if you wanted, but no need to go there if you didn’t. Spirit of life, come unto me – and to you, too. LOVE THE CAPE. Hope the liver recon goes well and shows the direct path to nuclear annihilation.

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  6. Glad you were able to celebrate with your friends. What a glorious way to enjoy life. Wishing you the best with the “nukes”. Get those guys. You’ve got an army behind you.

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