Let’s Play Whack a Mole!

It seems the insurance company has a “3 strikes and you’re  out” policy with regard to PET scans. After you’ve had three in a year, they say NO MORE. That is unfortunate if you are trying to evaluate chemo treatment, as the PET scan shows not only the size of the tumor, but also its metabolic activity. In other words, is the tumor dormant or active? Is it a dead volcano or a volcano about to explode? Dr. P initially wanted me to take a two to three week chemo pause and do the SIRT  Y-90 “nuke my liver tumor” treatment. However due to some really stupid and needless insurance delays with my SIRT treatment authorization, I have now been off chemo for a month and the nuke procedure is not for another three weeks.   Dr. P felt the PET scan was necessary to evaluate me for the next step. 

The insurance company said NO several times to Dr. P’s request for a PET scan, then changed it to maybe, then finally yes thanks to Dr. P’s perseverance. The CT scan I had in August showed the size of my tumors were stable about the same size they were from my July PET scan.  The PET scan I just had showed some tumor growth with significant metabolic activity. Dr. P feels the Lonsurf chemo treatment was effective in slowing down the disease  progression, so he wants me to resume my oral chemo. Now we have to figure the timing and how to manage the side effects of the chemo and the SIRT procedure so they don’t happen at the same time. Ya Hoo…we’re having fun now!

The PET scan shows three tumors that are most problematic, one in each lung and one in the liver.  So as we are nearing the end of chemo effectivess, we are turning from a systemic approach to treatment to a “whack a mole” approach.  Assuming the dry run mapping on October 21st is successful, they will nuke the liver tumor on November first.  Dr. P is now referring me to another radiologist to see if I’m a good candidate for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) to take out the lung tumors.  In this procedure they use very high does of radiation, using several beams of different intensities at different angles to precisely target a tumor. This targeting approach prevents damage to healthy tissue while destroying the nasty stuff.  Of course we no doubt will have to do more battles with the insurance company, so who knows when or if I’ll get to enjoy the thrills of SBRT.

In the meantime, I have some celebrating to attend to!  It seems my birthday is rapidly approaching.  Joining us in the festivities are eight friends flying down from Oregon, four Ducks and four Beavers.  I know, it’s astounding that I have Beaver buddies.  Although I tried to wait for them to celebrate, I just couldn’t hold off.  The celebrations began last night with a fabulous Wala Walla cuvée, grilled lamb chops and a surprise gift from our friends John and Sandee.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Play Whack a Mole!

  1. you look mahvelous, dahling! it is amazing with all the roadblocks these insurance people throw in your path. I know you’ll enjoy your birthday bash.

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  2. Happy Birthday Jim! We appreciate all of your updates and read EVERY word.
    You are an inspiration, and help us to appreciate each day.
    Looking forward to reconnecting in the hood in a few weeks.
    Tough year for state of OR football fans, but some of us are used to it.
    At least we can still tailgate.
    Buzz (and Pat)

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  3. Hi Jim,

    In my 3.25 years of chemo, I have never had a PET scan—but have had lots of CT scans, which my doc seems okay with.

    In the meantime, whack them damn moles. Payers for with you. And happy birthday!!


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  4. Here is to whacking the s.o.b.’s and a special whack to the insurance morons!!! Always amazed how they want to dictate how a doc practices medicine. I know there s a need to monitor the expenses yet the battle they make one fight seem unreal at times. Keep at it!!! Do hope you have a spectacular birthday.

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  5. Jim, in spite of all your health problems,and you do have a lot!, you look GREAT! Happy Birthday and keep up the fight. I’m praying for you here in Colorado.

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  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Very sorry to hear that the insurance people are being such a pain in the rear with all the red tape. Thank you so much for the blog and keeping us all informed. I agree with the above, you look great in the photo and my prayers are with you sir! Just out of curiosity, why did you move to Arizona from such a fantastically beautiful area? You might remember our prior discussions about working for Maytag and me covering that area. Loved it, and next to Tennessee is is one of my favorite places in the US.


  7. Jim,
    My prayers are continually with you! Enjoy your birthday celebration! Hopefully insurance will change their tune!!! Thanks for keeping us all informed>> God bless!

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  8. I take umbrage with your implication that I myself might be a Beaver. I want to correct the record. I am a Golden Bear. Ya, ya I have a son who IS a Beaver but I have not let it overwhelm my Bearness. It is also true that I participated in a tailgate today at the OSU campus but I was there to see my beloved Bears play…. and they WON.

    See you tomorrow! We’ll spend some time plotting against those nasty insurance companies, over wine, of course!!

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