Today’s Green Valley Times Column

Evidently Word press didn’t post the column this morning, here is another attempt


7 thoughts on “Today’s Green Valley Times Column

  1. Well glad that the first post on the article from the paper did not work and the second one did. I thought that I was just being a bit dull and couldn’t open it. So all is well and I am not as computer dummy as I thought. Good article!!Am sure that you are planting the seeds of understanding into many others. Am home now along with a whopping cold, sore throat and nose leaks. So am staying in to not contaminate anyone but David.Think being cooped up on that crowded airplane might have started it. Am really glad to be back. Did enjoy the time with family and even my brother. We butted heads a lot but at least he is able to get around in his trailer fairly safe. He has friends to help him out, so all ok for now. Thanks for the birthday wish from you both. Went to movie and dinner yesterday to celebrate. Saw “Queen of Katwe” Good movie. Well keep the “magic pen” going. talk to you guys soon.

    Patti >

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