Green Valley News September 4, 2016 Column

I woke up this morning to my face on the front page of the Green Valley News!  Both exciting and rather frightening.

After reading my book the editor of the Green Valley News and Sahaurita Times asked me to write a monthly column.  Today was my first of many (I hope) columns.  I did not choose the column title.

The editor also chose to leave out my cropped painting of Dr. Gus, which deflated my dog years joke.  Other than the title and the absence of Dr. Gus, I take full responsibility.  Happy Labor Day!

As I looked up into his eyes, I hoped he wasn’t talking in dog years. “Dr. Gus”. Acrylic on canvas by Jimmy Asbell


20 thoughts on “Green Valley News September 4, 2016 Column

  1. Big Jim,

    A little bit twisted but very inspirational. Keep the cards and letters coming. As Steve Sake use to say, “don’t give up your day job” or “write when you find work”. Cheers!


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  2. Great article- sounds just like talking with you over a glass of wine! Drink hearty! If you get the comic Pickles- take a look at todays – Cute and thought of you and Lee

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      1. Jimmy, my name is Muriel Dreyfus, mother of Richard Dreyfus. He worked with you
        years ago. We follow your articles and your art is wonderful, and your spirit, is re

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