News Flash!

A local celebrity, little Jimmy Asbell, was the subject of an editorial in the paper this morning!Hopefully this article will have a similar result to the last newspaper article about little  Jimmy, which was published in the San Diego Tribune in 1951.  I received riches beyond my comprehension!  Which at that  time it was in the form of a new tricycle, toy cars, my own little chair and some clothes!  I’m hoping for some first growth Bordeaux this time. 

This editorial was the result of my effort to have my book reviewed in the paper. After reading the book and interviewing me, the editor asked me if I write a regular column for the paper.  He feels I have a worthwhile message for his readers. I think that is my gift this time and I am excited about it! 


29 thoughts on “News Flash!

  1. Here here! And HEAR HEAR! Now more and more people and hear your amazing story dear Jim and Lee…and learn about your hope, your joy, your optimism, your journey.
    Thank you for reminding me that, in the face of loss and grief and sadness, there is so much more light and love and hope in each of us.
    Blessings to you both on this day…and every day.
    With gratitude and love,

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  2. I saw the editorial this morning. You have found your calling! Reading your blog convinced me that you should have been and should be an author. I look forward to reading your column each week! Keeping you in my prayers.

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  3. What a surprise when I opened today’s issue of the prestigious “Green Valley News”! It will be such a pleasure to read your witty words rather than read another report of a GV senior mistaking the accelerator for the brake on his car.

    But as for the first-growth Bordeaux… Could you use a new tricycle?

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      1. Are you kidding, Dan? We love those stories about grandma driving into the local library! And where else can we read about a woman arrested for shoplifting a bottle of wine and package of Depends at the local Walgreens? That’s why we subscribe.


  4. Wow! Little did you realize when you were diagnosed with terminal cancer that it would end up making you rich and famous! – Or famous at least… Good for you!


  5. Congratulations on your editorialship. I’m looking forward to starting the day with your view of life. Marj. A three wheel bike or motorcycle has been a dream of mine for years, count me in if you start a QC three wheel club.

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  6. Looks like I’ll be getting the newspaper again since you’ll be writing articles in it. I always thought you were an EXCELLENT writer, and people who read your article will definitely benefit from it. Good Luck Jim. Sandi

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  7. Congratulations Jim!

    Please post your columns for all of us to read.

    Wow, it’s amazing how much good has come out of your unfortunate situation. You’re an artist, professional blogger, published author and now a monthly columnist!

    I think your agent should get you your own mini series, “Life With Little Jimmy.” It would be so much better than most of the crap on TV now. You could be an inspiration to millions around the world. Presidents, Dignitaries and pop culture icons would pay thousands of dollars to you for painting their little critters.

    Stay strong, my friend.


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    1. Sorry to hear about your friend. You may want to tell him about my book, Live Well With Terminal Cancer and Other Crappy Diseases. The e-book is only $4 and may provide him some ideas to help him process and deal with his illness.


  8. You are becoming quite accomplished in your retirement! I think you should write a movie script next! Love your blog posts and your paintings. I’d love to read your column also.


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