A Sign From THE DUCK!

This morning as we were about to leave for our 9:00 am meeting with Dr. P, Lee opened the front door and there it was. A sign of good fortune from the DUCK. Some would say this was just a duck cookie cutter delivered by our rabid Duck fan neighbor who just returned from the holy land, aka, Eugene. Yes, that is true, but The DUCK works in mysterious ways.

Silly me, this was not the first sign The DUCK has given me in the past week. Last week I had a preliminary meeting with a cancer support group, Living With Hope, regarding a presentation and book signing I will give them this fall. Look what I saw on the table…a flock of ducks!! The group’s coordinator, Jan, is a graduate of Ohio State and a rabid Buckeye  fan, but the power of The DUCK is strong.  How could I have overlooked this obvious sign of good fortune?

Despite these positive omens, my aniexty was elevated as we headed to see Dr. P.  You may recall that after the first two months on my current chemo drug, Lonsurf, my tumors were growing in both the lungs and liver. However there was a faint sign, a sudden drop in my neutrophils, that could indicate the chemo may be starting to work. So it was decided to give it one more month. In reviewing the CT scan today, it appears that my overall tumor growth has somewhat stabilized.   There was some growth measured, but within the margin of error. Unlike a PET scan, the CT scan doesn’t show the activity or the energy of the tumor. So the tumors could still be alive and well even though they aren’t growing quite as fast. Unfortunately the blood work showed my CEA cancer marker went up, indicating something is rotten in Denmark. Still it appears Lonsurf is working somewhat, at least in slowing the tumor growth. A mixed bag of news. But to us any news that is not crappy is good news. So a bottle of bubbly is currently chilling for tonight’s celebration!

Dr. P feels the largest tumor in my liver may be the cause of my elevated cancer marker. During my initial six months of 5-FU chemo, all of the tumors diminished to almost nothing except for this one liver tumor. Of course, they all eventually came back. So the new plan is to stay on Lonsurf, but also see an Interventional Radiologist (IR).  Interventional radiologists perform specialized targeted treatments and will have this slimy liver tumor in their sights. They have different weapons at their disposal including embolization (burn baby, burn), chemo embolization (targeted poison), radio embolization (beads of radioactive isotope are placed in the blood vessels that feed the tumor.)  Dr. P is referring us to an IR specialist, so we will know more after we meet with her. She might also be able to zap the larger lung tumors if the insurance company approves of this experimental treatment. Even if we are celebrating just a bit, it is tempered with the knowledge that there’s still no cure and these high-tech treatments just help buy time. I may or may not be a good candidate for them. Still, it’s a step in the right direction for a change.

But enough of this cancer crap!  Here my most recent pet portraits. I love my critters!

Gus has a pink nose!

This Queensland Sheep dog was a working dog. After he retired from herding cattle, Jake settled down by herding his two humans. Now Jake is in the heavens herding angels.

Aspen is  a very handsome Husky, but he has trouble deciding what color of eyes to wear.


24 thoughts on “A Sign From THE DUCK!

  1. Ducks call to the victory dance the slightly bubbly red was always one of my favorites. That Duck cookie cutter will be put to good use & look what you have done Jimmy A! The good use of your Plan has such incredible results that I dare only mention a few. In a week I will be with Cheryl McLean who helped with your cast to bring about your MOE Master of Enjoyment book to become real in two forms! Your IR has specialized target treatments as does most of what you do. You have amazing paintings that are the result of so many mixtures that help you so much. The Sphinx like quality of Gus is spot on. Aspen & Jake show us how to connect through the “Eyes”. Direct eye contact with your feelings & who you are today. Thank you Jimmy A.

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  2. Hey JIM, You are right! Enough with this cancer crap! We all have to think positive and we are wishing you the very best. We are looking forward to seeing you and splitting a Bottle of that red stuff with you two. P.S. Your dog art is getting better and better! Carolyn and Lloyd Sent from my iPad


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  3. Positive thoughts being sent from me to add to the ones you already possess! As I was reading your “report”, I thought of your steps forward and steps back and a happy thought popped into my head…you could call that your duck dance. It’s time for my glass of wine…raising my glass to you with positive thoughts!

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  4. ok. i’ll take that as not too bad considering circumstances. I’m a little relieved. I guess the cold you seemed to be starting has not been a problem. gone, maybe? may the duck force be with you. I like Mary’s idea of the duck dance. 🙂

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    1. Chemo colds last a day or two and are easily controlled by Walact. I pay close attention to my temp, so don’t worry. I might add the champagne is quite lovely this evening.


  5. Just keep positive. My girlfriend in Alaska just won a cruise with the rubber ducky race in Fairbanks, AK. Who know what the rubber duckies have in mind for you. It’s another good day to be alive.

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  6. Glad to hear things are “ducky” for you! The good news is that the bad news being held in check. IR can sure do wonders to slow things down. They freeze those crappy tumors too. My son-in-law is an IR. Lots of new developments these days. So sip a nice red and enjoy the day. Love you new pets.

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  7. ”TIME” is WHAT you’re looking for. NEVER give up trying everything these Dr’s want you to try.
    Your paintings just keep getting better and better. Just beautiful. Sandi B.

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  8. GO DUCKS! I can finally say that with enthusiasm! had almost forgotten all the good stuff that I used to know about ducks….but thanks be to your very DUCKY blogs …. something finally clicked!

    I grew up with DUCKS! They would follow me around the yard and down the hill to the creek. It was a sight to see the two (Quacky and Ducky Doo) follow dad to his garden. And my kids always had rubber duckies as well as real baby duckies that we would eventually take to Reed Park…..I could go on and on. I LOVE it when something moves me to a wonderful memory. Thanks Jimmy!

    So I quickly checked Ted Andrew’s wonderful book ANIMAL SPEAK and here’s what he says..”Ducks can remind us to drink of the waters of life ..uh huh! As well as teach us how to maneuver through the various waters of life.” You betcha!

    I am now a confirmed DUCK FAN and will forever root for you, Lee and the OREGON DUCKS!

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