Round Three of Lonsurf

There was a slight delay in starting my third round of Lonsurf, thank you insurance company. But only a two-day delay, so no biggie. The plan was to give me three shots of Zarxio to boost my white blood cell neutrophils, a shot each morning for three consecutive days. But after just one shot my neutrophils jumped from a low of 0.3 to a normal 4.8.  In other words from Grade IV  “OMG, lets get the hospital ready” neutropenia to no neutropenia. They gave me a second shot, just for the chuckles, and I began my third round of Lonsurf.

After a week of chemo, my neutrophil level dropped to 1.4 which is Grade II neutropenia.  I am guessing that after another week of chemo they will drop to Grade III or IV.  Hopefully that will correlate to evidence of tumor reduction.  Unfortunately my CEA cancer marker has shown no indication of reduced tumor activity and has been basically the same for the past two months. In two weeks I will have a CT scan and consultation with Dr. P.  We are hoping that now that I have been experiencing neutropenia, the Lonsurf has done some work in shrinking the tumors.

Other than the medical stuff, things are going grand at Casa de Asbell. Pot lucks, Happy Hour get togethers, dinner with friends, monsoon watching and artsy fartsy painting stuff are keeping us enjoyably busy. We barely have time to fit in those doctor appointments.

We had a nice visit from my old friends from Portland, Otto and Marie Papasadero. Marie, I’m not implying that you are old, but Otto…..well. You can never have too many Italians around, so we invited our favorite local Italian family (the Giannasi’s) to join us for an Italian feast. And a feast it was complete with Giannasi “old world” lasagna, a Brunello, a Barbaresco and a Super Tuscan.  I was told I was speaking fluent Italian by the end of the evening.

Otto and Marie……Cin cin!!!

Last night we picked up Lee’s mom, Marian, from the airport for a nice visit. Hopefully we will have some nice monsoon action with lightning and thunder for her enjoyment!

Below are my latest pet portraits for you perusal.

“Keanu At Work” Here he is in a field of grass waiting for you to throw the ball!
“Cody In The Sky With The Angels”. Cody was very loved and now flys with the angels over the Rockies.

10 thoughts on “Round Three of Lonsurf

  1. I hope your CT results in two weeks are favorable. In the meantime, it sounds like you’re having a good time with friends and family, wining and dining! And your painting just gets better and better! I would like to have paintings of my grandpets, since they are far away in WA, but there are four: chocolate lab, black lab mix, rat terrier mix and poor Dr. Oliver Mushu…gray and white cat. And I’d be lucky to get a nice picture of each from the kids to send you, as they are “so busy”! 🙂 Take care, Jim.

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  2. Jim I always appreciate you keeping us updated on the latest happenings with your treatments drugs and therapy. Today I had a interesting experience A neighbor called to tell me she wanted to bring some essential oils over. I told her of my latest bout of nausea she applied peppermint oil and ohlala la it worked may be a fluke but I don’t care. Jane


  3. I too wish you the very best once you have the CT scans and that the new medication is doing a fine job. I am also happy to hear, yet again, that the worlds wine industry garners and appreciates your total support! LOL! Best wishes!


  4. Hello to Marian! And Jim – your pet portraits just get better and better! (Although the one of CHARLIE is clearly your BEST EVER.) I continue to be impressed by your tolerance for these poisons. Hope the weather stays good for Marian’s visit.

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  5. Hi Jim and Lee,

    Just a note to say hi and let you know that I am now back after two months in Port Ludlow, WA. I rented a little apartment, saw old friends, played some golf, and enjoyed the fabulous view from the balcony of the apartment of Puget Sound with the huge freighters and cruise ships going by.

    All was very nice until Trexa severely injured herself. She is incontinent and paralyzed from her waist down, and gets around by dragging her rear end and back legs. I am now looking to buy shares of stock in a piddle pad manufacturing company. She is starting to show a little improvement and I hope it will continue.

    Your blog is always upbeat and inspirational. Hope the upcoming CT scan will show great improvement. I know both of you are doing some painting (some of your animal portraits can be hilarious). I’m happy to be back here full-time now and I am hoping to get back into painting soon. Trexa takes up a lot of my time.

    All the best,




  6. We’re rooting for the combo of neutropenia and Lonsurf with you. Sweet new pet portraits! Glad to be back in the hood after our little road trip to New Mexico and Pine Top- LakeSide.
    Wishing you good times with your friends and family.

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