July 4th Part IV


14 thoughts on “July 4th Part IV

  1. So something, all the piece-meal posts. Love the pix, as always. Will absolutely leave a review on Amazon of your book! And am thinking of sending a copy to a friend who’s having a tough time with a similar situation. I mean, I know you’re having a tough time too – who’s kidding whom here. But your frank pragmatic existential optimism is invigorating and inspiring.

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    1. Thank you. My philosophy is about using logic, reason and priorities, all way ahead of emotion. Not that I don’t feel the emotion but I know it can get in the way of enjoying whatever life you may have.


  2. Love the new paintings Jim! And really pleased to hear your good news that you are doing well with the new regimen. Way to go! My long distance prayers along with all the others coming your way must be helping a bit, nevermind your unfailing positive attitude. I wish you and Lee a very Happy 4th. Hugs and blessings, Lynn Maier

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  3. Another good note from you folks I need to order and read your book Perhaps it will Perk

    k up my thinking and help me do the things I need to do to suceed with this moving on thing I am just so alone and lost yet…Jane


    1. Hi Jane,

      You’re not alone, you’ve had a huge loss, but you’re not alone. I think my book might help you “move along”. I’d be happy to send you a signed copy of my book today at the same $12 cost you can get it from Amazon. You can also get an e-book version from Amazon for $4. It’s an easy read and has plenty of chuckles to go along with the serious thoughts. Take care, you deserve to enjoy life.


  4. Love your art and the animals. Makes me feel I can be a bit more loose in my work. Glad things are going well for your health. Make the most of life is my motto. Godbless Joyce.

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  5. Hi Jim:
    We have much in common. In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer, a quick operation and 6 months of Chemo and I was cancer free for 14 months. In 2013 my CEA went up and a CAT Scan revealed the the
    Cancer had returned but now in both lungs and liver and Stage 4 !
    They tried Folfiri and for an amazing 22 months my cancers were
    Stable! Then a year ago the cancer started to grow again. I have been on Stivarga and two other regimens in the past ten months. I am now on my third month with LONSURF and
    No side effects and my CAT Scan last week shows that this regimen appears to be holding the cancers Stable, no shrinkage but also no growth. . . You can live a long time
    on Stable. In October I turn 70 (didn’t think I would make it this far!) I am an optimist and from reading your blog’s you are too. I actually feel healthy (except for a slight case of terminal cancer, lol)
    I have been in a loving relationship with wonderful woman for almost five years. She is also a cancer survivor (5 years+) and we are now engaged (how’s that for optimism!)

    Enough for now, more later!

    God bless – Frank

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    1. Why not get engaged? I am a firm believer in living life in the now and living life to its fullest! Iwe do have much in commonlong for stable. My first 11 months of treatment went exceptionally well then….


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