July 4th Part II

It seems that WordPress did not post my entire recent posting. They failed to post my recent paintings.  Are they censoring art work?  Perhaps they are afraid of flying cats.  In any case I’ll give it another try and see if I can sneak this past the censors.

Here are my latest custom pet portraits for your enjoyment or dismay, as the case may be.

Although Palomito left this earth in May, he is still floating among the stars over the desert with his angel wings, fluffy tail and pink nose.

Did you notice that Palomito has green eyes?

The two doggies below, Bond and Lexi, live in the Pacific NW and like to herd sheep in the rain.  But mostly they just love to be spoiled. 


4 thoughts on “July 4th Part II

  1. Guess there will need to be a Part III as the doggie pictures didn’t come through – at least on our computer?!

    And, oh by the way, don’t think your idea about going to the Olympics is such a good one. You are going to survive all the chemo crap only to get down to Rio and end up with Zika or something worse, so just be satisfied with watching it on TV and if you feel the need, run your 200 meter dash around QC!!

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