TAS Round One Done

I have completed the first  round of Lonsurf, aka, TAS-102.  Well actually it’s a 28 day cycle, with imbibing the poison, er…, I mean “medication” done in the first 14 days. So I’ve consumed the first round dosage and I’m currently just sitting here letting it fester. Hopefully it is tearing the tumors to shreds. God knows I’ve been doing my part by consuming some very fine wine the past two weeks, got to take good care of my TAS.  

This is my first experience with chemo pills and it’s kind of eerie. The instructions advise me to take 2 each of two different pills twice a day (am/pm) within an hour of a meal. So far, no problem. Then the scary stuff  begins. The directions stress the toxicity of the pills, keep them away from children and cats. It gets worse. I am to keep the pills isolated from all other medication. I am to wear latex medical gloves when handling the pills and clean all surfaces that come into contact with the “medication.” Yikes!!  And I’m ingesting this stuff?  Don’t let anyone even touch these pills, now swallow four of them!

Fortunately Lee came to the rescue with pretty blue latex gloves for me to wear and a politically incorrect recipe box in which to store the two vials of “medication.” The recipe box was my mother’s from my childhood. At least it is the appropriate color for DANGER.

So far I have tolerated the medication pretty well.  Side effects have been minimal and my blood work is well within the normal range. My numbers will probably dip a bit more, as the side effects of the drug peak in a few days, but I should still be within normal as I have plenty of margin to work with.  

Last week we had a visit from one of the local hospice providers.  As you know, hospice is one of the tools in our toolbox we may use to extend both the quality and quantity of my life. We want to stay ahead of the curve so we arranged for an information meeting. The hospice nurse was aware of my book. We talked about it and she told us she wished she had spoken to me a day earlier as it would have helped her with one of her clients. She purchased a book from me and asked me to sign it.. Jimmy’s first book signing!

After focusing on my book, I’m back painting and should have some outstanding, or is it outlandish, works to show you on my next post.  Regarding my book, I’ve had great feedback and some stellar reviews, thank you.  (Unfortunately I cannot divulge the amount paid for 5 star reviews as I’ve signed a non- disclosure).  If you’ve read the book and liked it, please give little Jimmy a 5 star review, it helps. And please spread the word.  

Those of you that have read my book know that I wear a virtual cape whenever I visit my oncologist. Well my friend Mark Portrait thought that I should have a real cape to wear.  Thank you Mark!  It is a stunning outfit when matched with my favorite T-shirt.


14 thoughts on “TAS Round One Done

  1. Hey that Aunt Jemima recipe box may be non-PC, but it is also wildly collectible! ALSO – your book came in today’s mail! Veddy exciting.


  2. You could stand in my kitchen next to Arnold. You match! Thought of you today as I am now sporting green nail polish w yellow flowers☺️. It is warm and humid in WI.😜 When does round two begin its butt kicking? I showed Martini her published picture and she seemed impressed. See you both in July.

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  3. yikes indeed. I can’t imagine swallowing pills that one can’t even touch. that must be a hard sell to consumers. I have your book and of course, looked at the pictures right away. jw is reading it right now. I’m sure it’ll get a 5 star review from me unless one can give 10.

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  4. Hi Jim,

    We need to get you a mask and some Spandex pants so you can become “Super Jimmy, The Cancer Fighting Caped Crusader!”

    I just bought your book and will get it in two days. I’m going to have you sign it the next time we come down your way.

    Keep up the good fight and great paintings. You are my hero!


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  5. Finished your great book a few days ago and Ernie is well in to it currently. Loved it and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done and are doing for all of us who are suffering a whole lot less than you but suffering nonetheless!!! This blog was fun, in spite of the seriousness and made both of us laugh especially when seeing the wonderful recipe box. Having a real cape is even better and the one you have is perfect!! Keep on keeping on!!

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