A Star is Born

Three months in the making, the greatest book in the history of Jim Asbell has been published!  OK, OK…true it’s the only book Jim Asbell has published, but let’s not get dragged down with all those details. It is without doubt, his best!

As you know I have been battling stage IV colon cancer for 14 months. In the process of writing this blog I have had a couple of oncology nurses ask me if they could share my blog with some of their patients, which delighted me. I have received numerous comments about my upbeat attitude, bravery, strength, blah, blah, blah.

While I sincerely appreciate those accolades, in my opinion I am not exceptionally brave or strong. The difference between me and many other patients with a similar diagnosis is that I have developed over the course of my life a thought process that enables me to fight my disease while still enjoying life. This past year has been a wonderful year for me, in spite of the impending doom. Life isn’t just about surviving the storm, but also learning to dance in the rain.

My goal in writing this book is to share this process with others, so that they too can maximize their happiness for the balance of their lives. The book is available on Amazon in both an e-book and paperback.  

Here are the thoughts of a fellow stage IV colon cancer patient regarding my book: 

I really, really liked it. I learned a whole lot about you, about me, and about wrestling with stage 4 cancer.  I didn’t realize how your struggle with chronic disease has been such a big part of your life. I was moved by the other challenges thrown your way—regarding your family, your string of foster parents, your difficult first marriage. Your “tests” just kept coming and like Job you surely wanted to shout out at God, “Why ME?” and “Why me AGAIN?” and “Oh, no, not AGAIN!” But you showed me the good to be got in tossing such stuff in the Fuck Bucket. and wearing the cape that is woven with resiliency threads. You’re wise, but—first of all—very strong. I am going to learn to get better at wearing a cape of my own weaving….  I am by nature a worry-wort and a fretted. I am semi-pro at “What if’s.” I need a fuck it bucket.  And, Jim, your book is beautifully written and fun to read. You have a great way of inserting humor into situations that don’t inspire it. It reads like a really well written book. It is a really well written book.”   John McGean, Stage IV cancer survivor.

A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. If you read the book and find it helpful, please write a review on Amazon. Thank you!!!


30 thoughts on “A Star is Born

  1. Ah yes, Jimmy A. a tremendous Congratulations for creating this book. Your “Goofy Nature” shines so much we love that MOE in you. Can we have a signing at the art club in the same outfit?

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  2. it wasn’t long ago you were wondering what you would do after you retired. it has been a busy and creative time indeed. not that cancer was ever on the ” maybe I’ll…” list. ya just never know.

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  3. Big Jim,

    We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. You are an inspiration, a maven and a champion at all levels. You made all of us at Mitsubishi Electric look good, better people and more professional in all facets of our business endeavors. This leadership and skill set rolled over as you transitioned into semi retirement. I love your attitude, perspective on life and look forward to the powerful messaging in you frequent writings… Keep the cards and letters coming… Cheers!

    Best Regards,


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  4. Jim, I’ve said it before if attitude accounts for anything you will certainly beat this. I have shared this with my 90 year old mother and she became very emotional regarding your comments.

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    1. You ordered one for each eye?😄. Thank you for your support. My goal is to get this in the hands of as many people as possible, especially those hit with sudden medical or emotional problems. If you like it, or think it useful, please give it a 5 star review on Amazon


  5. Hey you two…just ordered my copy and am eager to read the book! My guess is…your advice will be good for those facing any life crisis. Sending some Oregon GREEN to you today…with some vibrant YELLOW sunshine too!
    Love to you both,

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  6. Congratulations on the book! I’ve always thought you should share your approach to your battle with others. I am sending for a copy from Amazon for Lloyd. He has three Treatments now, three more to go. Has them every third week. He went into the hospital Sunday night with a fever. Still there as they monitor him and do tests to determine the Cause. I think he is going to have to forgo his daily hot tub session until he beats this Cancer….. He feels pretty good but no energy, and no hair. Has lost about 45-50#s now. Looking Good! Best wishes, Carolyn

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  7. Hey Jim! Max connected with me on Friday to tell me about your book and the challenge you have chosen to face head-on. Thanks to Amazon Prime it arrived in today’s mail. After dinner,I sat down and read it straight through. I always enjoyed your sales calls to Spokane – you set the standard as the consummate professional. Always prepared, always with a smile and always the best follow-through in the business. I am sure that when cancer found out it had landed in you, it said to itself, “Oh shit, Jim Asbell! He is going to be ready for me!”

    Through your words, I appreciate learning more about you and the life experiences that have forged the strength that is sustaining you now. It is also a reminder to me not to wait for my colleagues to write a book to share more of ourselves with each other – business is just business, relationships are far more enduring….and important.

    I am sending you my good wishes and support, Murray


    1. Good to hear from you Murray, I hope things are going well for you. Thank you for the kind words. I do have a favor to ask. Would you write a review on Amazon for my book. As you know it can help drive sales. My gleam is to get this book on front of as many eyeballs as possible. I have seen so many people waste their last years worn anger or self pity when they could be living life. Thanks!


  8. YES i have finally ordered this! And I may be the only one to order the paperback, but I don’t own a Kindle, nor do I ever seem to be able to figure out how to download the App or read on my laptop. ALL IS WELL do not panic on my behalf! I await the paperback with glee, and will enjoy reading it on the Metro, where it might catch someone else’s eye and make them think to order it, too!

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