Chemo Holiday!

I was due for a chemo treatment last week, but Jimmy had a better plan…..Chemo Holiday!  So instead of 4 hours in the chemo suite, Lee and I packed the car (including a case of wine) and headed to San Diego to meet our friends Paul & Linda who were flying down from Oregon. I must admit that I drank a bit more wine than I have been lately.  But I figured if my liver wasn’t busy processing all those chemo toxins it’d get bored and out of shape.   I think my liver should have some exercise and also allow my liver to enjoy the holiday by processing fine red wine. It’s important to have a happy liver.  We had a great time visiting with Paul & Linda, seeing the zoo and the USS Midway, La Jolla Cove and San Juan Capistrano as well as getting lost with them!  Oh, did I mention that we enjoyed fine wine with them🍷.  Think that’s why we got lost?

On the flight deck of the USS Midway with Paul and Linda
Jimmy providing a neck rub massage to Madeline, a 150 year old Galapgos tortioise
Lee & Jimmy in front of Flamingo Island

But today it was back to the chemo suite for nearly five hours.  The good thing is that the staff is super nice and fun, plus I got a donut.  Not just a ordinary donut, but a Blueberry donut. WooHoo!   This is my third treatment with the new drug regimen and we haven’t the slightest idea if it’s working or not.  But we do know my body is handling the increased toxicity with no issues.  My white blood count, platelet count, kidney and liver function is outstanding. I haven’t had any nausea or “I run to the can” issues.   Next week the blood test will include the CEA cancer marker which will give us some idea of what’s going on.  Then in about three weeks I’ll have another scan which will provide more definitive information.   Until then it’s “party on” as usual.

I was able to finally get back to painting the past three weeks. Here’s the latest:

Hucleberry is a mature puppy of Bloodhound and Cheaspeake Ridgeback heritage
Fritz’s new glasses didn’t seem to address his cross eye issues


22 thoughts on “Chemo Holiday!

  1. Sometimes it’s more healing to have a change of scenery and be with good friends. Love your painting of Huckleberry, is it? You captured something in his eyes…what a good old soul! Persevere, Jim!

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    1. The tortoise was fun. You just start to rub the side of their neck. Then they push the legs out, so they are taller, and stick their neck way out. They are in heaven!


  2. Hello Jim, I always look forward to reading your blog, they are so……

    Marie and I are taking a drive around AZ about May 20th or so. Would look forward to a visit and meeting Lee. Perhaps an arm wrestle if you think you can still beat me! Otto

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    1. I’d love to see you guys! We’ll be in town, nothing on the calendar presently. But I will be due for a scan around that time, I havevsome flexibility so keep me in the loop. There is room at Casa de Asbell if you’d like to spend the night and raid the cellar.


  3. Carry on …It seems you do this well. So happy for your chemo break. I am back in cool country. Made a couple good stops in route. Enjoyed Pres Trumans library and home in Independence Missouri Now cleaning and purging my house. Lots of outdoor work to do in the gardens when it warms up. Carry on. Jane

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  4. “Party on” is right! Plan your next trip! Also, consider getting bright green glasses like Fritz because they’re awesome, even if they don’t correct his crossed eyes!

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  5. Lovely change of scenery! We spent mid 1999 to mid 2000 in SanDiego…about 3 blocks from where your very cool pics were taken on the USS Midway. Loved it! Hope you saw our giraffe at the zoo!
    Cheers J &S See ya soon!

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  6. On holiday in San Diego with a fine case of wine & Duck Friends. So surreal that S CA living with the pink flamingoes to rubbing a tortoise’s neck. A real treat & such a different environment from the Sonoran Desert. Thank you both for sharing the fun, the best to you always. If anyone can do a “Pink” Flamingo painting you or Lee can!

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  7. Glad you had a nice break. Now back to the time where the little roadrunners can do their job! If I ever have to sit in your “chair”, I will have to remember to bring my food list to the staff. Blueberry donut-Ewwww. Keep sipping and painting. 🙂

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  8. Glad you had a great holiday. Now it is time to let the little roadrunners do their job again. So glad side effects are not that bad for you. If I ever have to sit in your “chair”, I will have to address the menu with the staff. BLUEBERRY donut= ewwwwwww. Keep sipping when you can and paint. 🙂

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  9. Great reports Jim on all counts! Love the new pictures too! Have a great summer and keep up the good work and positive, albeit a little zany, attitude!

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  10. Hi Jim!

    As usual, a great post, thank you. I’m happy to see you out partying hard with young 150 year old female named “Madeline”. Now that you’ve been friendly with her, (rubbing her neck and all), I think you should paint her picture.

    It’s always good to hear you are doing well. I look forward to your next post.


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