Land Speed Record Set!!

Unconfirmed reports today say that James B. Asbell, A.K.A., Jimmy, set the land speed record today for the category of a 68 year old male Post Polio Syndrome patient with Stage IV colon cancer using crutches! 

The blazing foot speed and the flashing titanium crutches were a sight for all to behold at the Relay for Life event on the shores of Lake Sahaurita this bright and sunny day. Jimmy predicted his record will hold until next year when he “smokes” it!  That Jimmy is a cocky one, for sure.  

Jimmy gave credit to his pit crew , Lee and Teresa, who made certain there was plenty of tread on his crutches throughout the grueling race and all his fans who cheered him on.  

Jimmy misplaced his cork screw last night.  .
Jimmy misplaced his corkscrew last night , he’s looked everywhere for it.

Jimmy pulls away from the pack.
Jimmy pulls away from the pack as he proclaims, “Eat my dust!”
Jimmy signing autographs for his fans.
Jimmy with his pit crew.
Some of Jimmy’s fans are ready for the Kentuckey Derby.
A great event that raised thousands of dollars to fund the fight against cancer!



14 thoughts on “Land Speed Record Set!!

  1. Hey Jim – great having you all with us today. Thanks so much for coming out to walk with us and for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with you. Hope you find that corkscrew…..

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