Ready to Run….well actually walk

It’s been very busy here in the desert the past few weeks. First, we had the pleasure of spending a week on the shore in Kino Bay, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez with our friends Patti and Moe.  Then, we had to participate in an art show where Lee sold 7 paintings to my 4. Very hard on my fragile male ego. Then we got to show my dear old friend Bob from Portland our wonderful patch of desert. We also were forced during his visit to sample the finest wines in my cellar as I approached an unknown period of chemo-related sobriety.  Next it was time to celebrate my first year of survival with a green (Go Ducks) toe party.  This past week the plane from Portland deposited another friend of thirty years, Harmony and her husband Bill, on our doorstep. Whew, this last visit required extensive laughter, jewlery shopping and hugs.  I’m tuckered out and need a rest.  This retirement gig is a lot of work!  

Although Harmony missed the toe party, her nails were appropriately attired!
Bill, Harmony, Jimmy and Lord Cotswold the Handsome

Well, I got my rest today in the chemo suite as I dozed to the tunes of Kenny Barron.  Prior to my chemo session I had a visit with Dr. P.  The bad news is that my CEA cancer marker inched up to 4.1.  It was 3.9 last month and 3.5 the month prior to that.  A trend that Jimmy no likey!  Dr. P is not concerned.  While I logically realize it’s just slightly above normal (3.4) and not a precise indicator of tumor growth, my emotional side doesn’t care what’s logical.  All my emotional side knows is that the number is going up! 

But there was good news.  I have, so far, avoided the worst side effects that normally affect patients imbibing  my latest Chemo cocktail. All of my other blood work (white cell count,  platelet count, kidney function and liver function) are good, well within normal range. But wait…there is even good-er news!  My liver is doing such a good job processing both 5-FUc and the new irirotecan that it got a gold star and a prize!  The prize is that my liver gets to process one glass of red wine with dinner each day!!!!!!  Hip, hip Hooray!

Well enough rest for Jimmy.  Time to join the relay team, Relay for Life.  On Saturday, Lee and I will race around the track in Sahuarita, AZ in a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.  Lee is an 18-year survivor and I am a one-year survivor. There goes my fragile male ego again. If you are in the area, the race (I’m rather competitive) starts at 11:00 am, I invite you to cheer us on. You can also support our cause with any size donation.  My web site to donate is:

Jimmy prepares for the big race this Saturday, or as some refer to it as the Relay for Life


10 thoughts on “Ready to Run….well actually walk

  1. Jim – Really appreciate you willingness to share your travels through this big C thing. It’s real important for those listening remotely. It allows us to better share your travels and although I have no right to say, may helps you and Lee to better cope. Mickey

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  2. sounds like good news to me! especially the end of the drought. a glass of wine at dinner will be so civilized. lee said it was 90 a couple of days ago so take it easy at the ‘race’. love you.

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  3. It’s supposed to cool down to the high 70s, brrrrrrrrr! With rain tomorrow evening and Friday morning, so race weather should be good. I’m confidant that I will set a new land speed record for a crippled Stage IV cancer, 68 year old patient racing on crutches. Victory will be mine!!!!!!!


  4. A good report, Jim. You can enjoy your wine AND bask in the glory of what I have to consider and excellent CEA score. You’re doing great. Happy anniversary. Here’s to many more green toes down the road.

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