Toe Party!!


Perhaps not the prettiest toe in the workd, but it is festive! My one year survival toe, adorned with the Oregon O.
Lee reminded me that I had failed to make a posting of my One Year Survival Green Toe celebration.  It was quite the affair, lots of friends, lots of food, lots of wine (none for the party boy), balloons and even a cake shape like a foot with a green toenail!  

It was wonderful to have the support of my friends, many of whom painted their toenail as a symbol of solidarity. There were fancy toe nails and plain toenails. Several  cancer survivors celebrated their survival numbers with two painted nails, ten painted nails and Lee had 20 painted nails.  Poor Lee, she was never good at math.  Lee is an 18 year survivor.  Hooray  for all is us!!

  I had friends attend from Salt Lake City and one of my artist friends created a painting celebrating my achievement.   
The celebration was held the day after my new chemo infusion.  I an very pleased to report, I felt fine with no additional side effects.  I’m looking forward to next year’s celebration and then the next and on and on.  



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