Busy Week As Year Two Begins

The last few days Lee and I enjoyed a visit from my old friend Bob Mandelson.  Bob and I go back 40 years from our days in Portland.  Warm sunny days provided perfect weather for exploring southern Arizona.  Not only did Bob enjoy the benefit of great weather, but also from my edict of only the serving my finest wines as I approach an unknown period of sobriety! Bob is a three time cancer survivor and we had both jovial and serious conversation as the five star wines flowed.    

Bob and i pose at the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, note Bob’s pink socks say “Cancer Sucks”
Today  I began my new “line two” chemo regimen.  Two new drugs were introduced and one was eliminated.  I had allocated about three hours for my session in the chemo suite.  However the session lasted five hours as they slowed down the infusion rate of the new drugs to watch for any negative reactions. Very  prudent of the nurses as these drugs are more toxic.  I did fine, no problems, but I hope my tumors don’t do so well!  One of the drugs, Irinotecan, often causes both nausea and diarrhea (a double dip!), sometimes severe diarrhea.  The nickname for Irinotecan is “I-run-to-the-can”.  They gave me some premeds in my infusion to inhibit these effects initially and I have pills to follow up for the next few days.  So far I have had minimal side effects, let’s hope it continues.  We shall see.

Regardless of how I may feel, tomorrow is the first anniversary of my survival, it is a time for a party!!!  The painting of the  toe and the and the blessing of the all powerful DUCK!   We wil have a small gathering of friends to celebrate  the painting of my toe nail green, hopefully there will be nine more toes and ten more fingers to paint, along with many DUCK championships to celebrate!  This is my plan. 

The first of many green toe and finger nails!
The DUCK may look goofy, but do not underestmate his power! Hail to the DUCK!


26 thoughts on “Busy Week As Year Two Begins

  1. will sure have my fingers crossed that you tolerate this chemo cocktail as well as you have the others and, of course, that it really kicks the butt of the tumors! love the picture of you and bob. you both look so darn healthy! so what will you be drinking at the party tomorrow?

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  2. Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow night…just one question.
    Can my one nail painted for the occasion be ORANGE or does it have to be green…if the latter, will have to borrow some.
    Go Duke! Sorry…that’s where our money went and so our allegiance lies.
    See you soon,


  3. You were not only a super star at Mits but more importantly you are a Mega Super Star in life… We love you Big Jim and look forward to years and years of you rooting for the Ducks and drinking fine vino. I am now praying to Mother Teresa to be at your side during this journey. Step by step. Cheers…!

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  4. Well hail to the mighty DUCKS!!! But there needs to be respect for the new “bird” in your chemo mix. It is the mighty ROADRUNNER”. He will kick the SH*T out of some of those cancer cells. He is meaner than any duck that I have seen.πŸ˜‚ Here is what he says to cancer. πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–• Looking forward to the party. Here is to many toe and finger nails that look like a funky fungus growing on themπŸ‘πŸ».

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  5. Looks to me like “Beaver ” Lips on that gorgeous flower arrangement! Then those Black Eyes go so well to see what “Duck” champions do. That Roadrunner is one tough
    Hombre with so many unusual habits with his tail feathers & that dew rag top showmanship. Looking forward to your “Green Toe Anniversary Jimmy A. as the Love from a
    stadium of the best Friends go with you for year two. Thank you & Lee.

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  6. Way to go. One year down, and many, many more to come!!!
    As for Duke, they won’t know what hit them when the Ducks get done with them.
    Love you guys.

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  7. Hail not only to the Ducks but their #1 fan. Keep up the attitude. You are in our thoughts & prayers & give us all an extra shot of encouragement.

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  8. I’ll be cheering for the Ducks tonight–and for you all the time. Irinotecan ain’t that bad. I think you’ll handle it fine. The “run to the can” effect is more marked for me the second week after chemo. Still, not bad.

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  9. Hello Jim! I remember Bob well. Always a smile on his face! When you talk to him again please say hi from me.
    We cannot wait to see you guys this week. Sounds like your attitude has set you up for success. Rooting for you! Harmony and Bull

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