Wait and see….

Well today was another chemo session, which was uneventful (a good thing!).  Prior to my chemo session I met with Dr. P.  My blood work continues to amaze, platelet count, white blood cells, kidney and liver function all normal…..ho hum ๐Ÿ˜†.  I actually don’t this take it for granted, I do feel blessed.  My immune system and tumor infused liver continue to amaze me.  My CEA (cancer marker) was a tad elevated at 3.9.  A month ago it was 3.4, two months ago it was 3.5, three months ago it was 3.1, four months ago it was 4.2.  Jimmy no likey that it’s back near where it was four months ago.  But Dr. P  is not worried at all, it is still near normal and seems as though these fluctuations are normal for me.  Next week I have a PET-CT scan which will be much more informative as to what those bastard cancer tumors are up to.  You may recall that last PET scan in January showed that my lung tumors were either dead or sleeping, no activity.  However there was one liver tumor that showed some mild activity.  So hopefully the last two months of chemo will have snuffed out the little bugger.  If so Dr. P will put me on a maintenance treatment which is much less invasive with fewer side effects and will allow my body to recover from 20 chemo infusions.  However if that tumor (or others) are active we will look at options of physically eliminating them through surgery or one of several other different procedures.  So it’s just wait and see for me.  

In the meantime we will continue to have fun, fun, fun till my daddy takes my t-bird away!  Last week we spent five days  at a beach house with our friends, Patti and Mo, on the shore line at Kino Bay, the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez.  The house sits only about 30 feet from the water, the sight and sound of the sea was extremely relaxing and peaceful.  Beautiful sunsets every night signaled the start of happy hour, tough duty.  One evening we went hear a Mexican blue grass band at a restaurant.  They were great until their amps blew out the power for the restaurant.  After several attempts to regain power they gave up and moved into the audience and did a short acoustic set.  We finished our meal in the dark, we had a great time.  

Our host, and good buddy, Mo and i prepare for Happy Hour as the sun sets at Kino Bay
No sooner did we return and the WineTasters group summoned us for a Malbec and Chenin Blanc tasting. 

 Work, work, work!

I was able to finish one painting since my last posting.  Please meet Martini.   She is a mature “Cheese Head” Jack Russell Terrior from Madison, WI.   She is said to be a little cranky.  I understand, after the Packers last game….what Packer fan wouldn’t be cranky! 


17 thoughts on “Wait and see….

    1. I figure life is for living. Life certainly throws a lot of crap at us, I must take advantage of the good things, no matter how small they may be. I cherish them all. I am much more focused now than before.


  1. Happy to hear you are living life to the fullest and we continue to admire your wonderful artistic creations. Hugs to you and Lee & one for Uncle Gino and Aunt Susie next time you all are together.

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  2. as great as the desert is at home, it must have been a treat to be at the water. always makes me happy. I googled kino and found a little brick house for sale there for $65k. looked cute. quiet. not a fancy tourist beach. ahh. the medical stuff sounds as good as I have come to expect from you. I am getting used to good reports but am so pleased to read the good news and really do not take it for granted. we shall see what the ct-pet scans say next week. the jack russell terror (not a spelling error) is a cutie. you say she is an older dog but I don’t know if those little dogs ever slow down. love to you and lee.

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    1. We were actually in New Kino, which is basically a Canadian and US expat community. The adjacent original Kino, where we went to the concert, is very rustic and very Mexican with lots of poor people.

      But you are right, water is wonderful. But I wouldn’t want to live there as the maintenance is horrible and never ending.


  3. With CEA scores like yours, Jim–and the bloodwork to boot–I can’t see how any lesions are doing anything but suffering certain deaths. You’re doing great. I wonder if it’s the happy hours? I may have to change my own treatment protocol.


  4. So HAPPY to hear about more GOOD test results. Also glad to hear you and Lee had a fun get a way, except for NO POWER. But, hopefully, the WINE made up for it. Tee Hee. Take care, Sandi

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  5. Good job keeping up that good blood and blasting those bastard cancer tumors! They did not know who they were messing with when they picked you.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time in Mexico with Patti and Mo in the beautiful house on the beach.

    I have all the pictures and disc for my lion cub painting when ever you want to see them, I will bring them over.

    Don’t know if you basketball game last night with the Ducks and AZ, but it was a nail bitter at the end. Tom said a few bad words. Thank goodness they won!




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