Ob La Di Ob La Da…Life Goes On

Today was my 22nd Chemo session.  This  has become part of my new normal.  No aniexty, no worries as I know only too well what to expect.  First I pee in a cup to make sure I’m OK for my portion of chemo poison today. Then I pick out my lounging chair, fluff up and position my pillow. Select my music for the three hour session, today it was Kenny Barron.  AZ Oncology has a very nice staff, cheerful, suportive and caring…who could ask for more. A nurse rolls over her little cart, I unbutton my shirt to provide access to the titanium port inbetted  under my skin that allows the chemo drugs to surge directly into my artery (thus saving the veins in my hands and arms irreparable damage). The nurse tells me to inhale as she plunges the needle into my port.  That’s my only discomfort, and it ain’t much. After steroids and Benadryl (to combat side effects) the 5-FUc  and then Avastan are added. However I’m out like a light in about 10 minutes. You may want to try “mainling” Benadryl sometime, it’s a GREAT sleep aide!  Of course they periodically wake me up so I can verify when they change and add a new drug/poison to my IV. The wrong poison and it could be no more Jimmy!   All my lab numbers are good, my body is taking the chemo poison in stride.  Life goes on, a good thing.

But in the colon cancer world, it’s not always “Life goes on”. I read a couple of other colon cancer patient blogs and this morning I read of a young woman, only 29,  whose life just ended.  She was 26 years old and 17 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. I can only image the terror she felt as she endured surgery and chemo during her pregnancy .  Fortunately her baby  is healthy, but now without a mother .   When colon cancer attacks  young people it is a very aggressive cancer.  Current conventional cancer treatment did not slow down the cancer for this young woman.  Her “Hail Mary” attempt for life was to be involved in a trial using immunotherapy .  Instead of using poison,  immunotherapy  uses altered T cells to trick your body’s immune system to attack and destroy the cancer cells.  No side effects and quick cure…if it works.  There has been some limited success with immuthrophy primarily with lung cancer, luekemia, prostrate cancer and melanoma.  No success with colon cancer…yet.  Jimmy’s cancer strategy is to hang around long enough for a perfected immunotherapy for colon cancer.  I know it will come.

In the meantime, how about a vacation?  Next week Lee and I are heading for Kino Bay.  Kino Bay is a sleepy little town sitting on the eastern coast of the Sea of Cortez, about a 5 hour drive from our home in southern Arizona.  Our friends, Patti and Moe, rented a beach house right on the bay and have invited us  to join them.  The sound of the ocean, fresh seafood plucked from the bay and good friends make for a much needed and anticipated recharge.  

Of course no posting would be complete without examples of my artistic endeavors.  Below are two gorgeou fluff ball kitties, Abby and Gracie.  They live with their human in Colorado Springs. You can see from Gracie’s expression  she just got caught violating a house rule.  Thoughts of kitty prison, limited pets and treat reduction are all over her face.  However Abby is stoic, she knows that if the human punishes them, the human will immediately feel guilty and lavish extra pets and treats to make amends!  Poor human, she doesn’t stand a chance!    



12 thoughts on “Ob La Di Ob La Da…Life Goes On

  1. Great post, Jim! Witty and informative. Sounds like you’re going steady as she goes. Hope you enjoy your time at the beach! And thanks for sharing the kitty art. In the words of those younger than I, you are really rocking this treatment business. Thanks for sharing. J

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  2. Hey Jimbo,

    Always good to hear about your posts. I want to hear how your vacation goes. Tracey and I are thinking about taking some time and going to your part of the world. When I get a schedule set I’ll let you know, we would love to come and visit if possible.

    Your posts continue to inspire me and make me realize how life can change so fast and how precious little time we all really have in this world.

    Stay positive my friend, you are beating the odds and I believe it’s due mostly because of your healthy attitude!


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    1. Hi Rex,

      Will do about our visit to Kino Bay. We’d love to have you and Tracey for a visit and show you around our little bit of paradise. we love it here!
      Thanks for the kind words.


    1. I am so sorry. Life is a terminal condition, whether it be a disease, auto accident or just a random shooting these days. We must celebrate each day. I am so sorry for your losses, it is awful, but so glad for your survival.


  3. I just KNOW you’ll both have a WONDERFUL time in Mexico. Ole’ And, don’t worry about your “furry” kids. I’ll take GOOD care of them. Love the new paintings, Sandi B.

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    1. We know auntie Sandi will take great care of our chubby grey fur balls. You give us peace mind, as we love these worthless 😸creatures! Thanks for the compliment, I love painting other people’s pets.


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