Driving Miss Norma

If you haven’t heard of this story, please see the attached link.  This is all about keeping life and death issues in balance, it is a feel good story.  Live Life to it’s Fullest!!

They Wanted Her to Undergo Cancer Treatment, But 90-Year-old Hits The Road Instead


8 thoughts on “Driving Miss Norma

  1. Jim, oh Jim…I was just talking with my friend Cheryl…wondering what makes some people in this world so resilient (you) and some not (my sister undergoing radiation for breast cancer). Here you are, with all the @*&$%! you are dealing with, finding the joy, feeling the gratitude for life…passing it on to others…being inspired by stories like Norma’s. My poor sister is depressed, feels hopeless, sorry for herself, etc. So, is it genes? Is it teachers along the way? Love given and received? I would love to hear your thoughts… Here’s to you, my courageous friend. With gratitude and love, Pat

    PS I was walking with a friend the other day who mentioned that her book club had just finished reading Being Mortal – the book mentioned in the Norma article. Have you read it? Thoughts? >


    1. Oh yes, it is a great book. Your sister should read it, so should you. Everyone 40 and over should read it.
      You sister needs to exhale. Have you shared my blog with her? She is not alone. Worry or regret doesn’t stop cancer, it probably increases it because worry and regret weaken the body. My philosophy is 100% based on rational thought. If she is depressed it’s hard to have rational thought.
      Lee is an 18 year breast cancer survivor. She has the rest of her life to live and enjoy. If life is shorter than normal, best get busy enjoying it. Treatment is awful and some people’s bodies handle it better. Feeling shitty makes it harder to focus on the present. I’ve been blessed, my treatment is unpleasant and I’ve had side effects, but nothing horrible.


    1. My exact intentions! I’d like to talk with you sometime., can you shoot me an email (asbelljim@gmail.com) with your phone number or give me a buzz on my cell, unchanged since 1985!!


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