Comme ci, comme ca

This afternoon Lee and I met with Dr. P. to review my PET scan and discuss my options for on going treatment. As usual my blood work is fantastico!  White cells, platelet count, liver and kidney function are are perfectly within normal range. Did I mention the Pinot Noir I am sipping right now is delightful?  Thank you Mr. Liver!

The exciting news is that all the tumors, and there were gobs of them, in my lungs show essentially no activity.  Hooray!!  The liver also showed signs of progress, but one tumor did show slight growth. The growth is so small that it is within the margin of error.  So no big worries.  But the PET scan does shows that the tumor is still somewhat active.  Although I could stop the current chemo regimen and do the “maintenance” with just Avastin, I decided to continue on with the full meal deal.  After drilling Dr. P a bit for advice he said that if I was tolerating  5-FU, it would make good sense to continue based on the uncertainty of the liver tumor.  If I can’t stand the 5-FU, I could take a break from it or drop it all together.  It is all about managing my quality of life with extending my life.  No big deal, right. Let’s see, 5-FU requires a 3 hour afternoon in the chemo lounge twice a month, causes chemo brain, fatigue, chemo snot, makes my mouth sensitive, and makes the skin on my hands thin (which causes discomfort and sores due to the friction from my crutches) and I have to deal with a physically attached portable pump 48 hours twice a month.  None of these side effects are particularly lovely, but neither do they drastically impair the quality of life   So I signed up for 5-FU for two more months.  By the way, although 5-FU stands for 5-fluorocuracil, Lee’s cousin came up with a variation of the name I like better: 5-FUC.  5-FUC stands for F**K U CANCER!  Let’s finish off that liver tumor!

I have two of my wine buddies from Oregon visiting tomorrow, John and Paul.  They are on their way to Scottsdale and doing a little detour to Tucson. They were originally customers of my wine shop in Portland way back in 1982.  We’ve been friends ever since and have shared many wine fun adventures over the past decades  I’m sure we’ll enjoy a bottle or two or….tomorrow night.🍷 On Wednesday I resume by 5-FUC treatment.  Got to take care of that liver!

Last week we enjoyed a wonderful sunny and warm visit from Lee’s mom Marian and her partner John, vacationing from cold snowy upstate New York.  A gluttonous and fun time was had by all!image

I was able to complete one painting over the past two weeks.  Sophie is a Schnoodle who lives in Tacoma, WA.  She is very sweet and VERY spoiled.image



14 thoughts on “Comme ci, comme ca

  1. it is a real battle. I totally trust you judgment as to what is the best thing for you to do. isn’t there something that you can get to help your hands? you practically walk with your upper body strength. different padding? sheepskin? there should be something to help. many thanks to you and Lee for a very fun visit. so good to be with you both. john called the museum today and ordered a roadrunner and horse tee shirt to be sent to him. that was a marvelous place. love to you both.


  2. Sounds like a wise and brave decision to continue with the FU treatment, so you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder with regard to your liver. Glad it’s functioning well so you can enjoy your wine. Hang in there, Jim. Love your art, bless your heart.

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  3. Another great painting. sure to be cherished by the owners for years ( like ours!). Also a great update – “tolerate” the chemo, “tolerate” the cancer. Both bad boys, but what are you going to do? Sounds like your plan for getting on with it – and wining when you can – is a good one.

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    1. I’ll tolerate the chrmo, but FUCK the cancer. I have been very fortunate that as unpleasant as my side effects have been, they are much better than the norm. Makes my decision much easier.
      Unless they get the immunotherapy going, I hope to string this out for years, but I suspect there will come a time when I say “fuck it” and lock myself in the wine cellar!


  4. Just as I suspected, the wine has prepared you for this adventure. Here is a glass to you and Chef Lee for many more adventures. Love the dogs and cat pictures. Each picture has a wonderful quality. Hugs, Earline

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  5. Good news Jim, I’m happy to hear it!

    I think of you every time I walk past the two paintings you did of Lola and Zoey. We love them so much and enjoy sharing the story behind them with friends.

    Take care, our thoughts are with you and Lee.


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  6. Lots of good news, Jim. You’re a trooper. I’ve heard that the 5 FU code refers to the cancer and the chemo–with its sleep-inducing, runny/bloody nose and thin skin (I have the whole of it). I have had two nurses attribute the thin skin to a steroid that give me to diminish the chemo effects. Best to you and Lee. And the best wine to you both.

    Think about you all the time.

    John and Mindy

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