Below Normal!!

Usually when someone tells me that my test results are below normal I am very disappointed.  However this afternoon I met with Dr. P and he informed that my carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) level was BELOW the threshold of normal and I am thrilled!  The CEA is a marker of cancer activity.  The normal level for CEA is 3.5 or below.  Yesterday my test result was a mere 3.1!!!!  

That does not mean that I’m cured or cancer free, but it is a strong indicator the chemo is working. Since I was off chemo for a month, I anticipated that my CEA number would be a bit elevated on this test. So it was a very happy surprise.  Dr. P told me that this indicates that the chemo has significantly damaged the tumors and, even though there was a pause in treatment, the cancer hasn’t recovered yet from the damage inflicted.  Kind of like when Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny “The Bear”  Liston, he wasn’t dead….but he wasn’t movin for a while.  Likewise, my chemo is kickin’ the crap out of the cancer, but the fight ain’t over.  I’ll have six more weeks of the current treatment, then a CT scan and then decide the next step.  But for now I’m living the good life and lovin’ it!


Last night we celebrated with the wine taster’s holiday Champagne tasting., toasting today’s news!
This morning’s sunrise greeted me a beautful sign of good fortune.


30 thoughts on “Below Normal!!

  1. A great reason to celebrate the season! That’s great news, Jim and Lee!
    Have a great Christmas and New Year- we will be in warm and sunny Oregon for a few weeks.
    We will raise a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir to both of you.
    See you in January- I wanna say G_ D_CKS, but just cant quite get there.
    Wishing you both continued joy and good health.

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  2. What great news to read. I like that you and your group were celebrating in such fine style the night BEFORE you got the news. haha! Great photo and greater news. Go Ducks!

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  3. What great news. We have talked about this before but I am going to say it again…Yes the doctors are taking very good care of you but the “medicine” of thinking good thoughts is so powerful. Sounds like your two medicines are working hand in hand!

    The photo says the group was not on the first bottle. Love the picture of the lady proving she had shaved her pits that morning. Looks like a fun group. I am so happy for you and Lee that you can enjoy the thrill of celebrations. Be well!

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  4. Jim, that is such good news!! What a nice Christmas gift for both of you. Now you just need to keep zapping those nasty tumors until they are gone completely. Miracles do happen and you are just one to make another one!! Happy day in the “hood”!

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