Celebration of Life 

Since I passed the age of fifty, I kind of lost interest in celebrating my birthday.  To me it seemed more of a reminder of my approaching decrepitness.  “TickTock, you’re getting old, Asbell” I would think to myself.  However recent events have significantly  altered my view. Now, and I think for the rest of my life, each birthday will give me the pleasure of giving the “middle finger” to cancer.  From now on, my birthday is a victory celebration, a true celebration of life…..over death.

My Birthday cake put things in the proper perspective!

This weekend was my 68th birthday. I’m no longer sensitive about being an “old man,” I’m proud of it! Although Lee often reminds that no matter how old I really am, I have the mentality of a 10-year old boy.  I take that as a compliment. image

We had big plans for this bash.  First was a Duck victory. The Ducks were playing Washinton State, not a good football team. Kickoff was at 3:00 pm, our celebration party was to begin at 5:00 pm.  Surely the score would be something like 30 to 10 in the Ducks favor by halftime, putting me and everyone else in a jolly mood.  But there was much to do to get our home appropriately  “ducked out.”

Bob, our neighbor and “Duck fellow traveler” attaches the green and yellow streamers. Go Ducs!

My darling Lee is all Ducked out and holding her bottle of vino.


A fabulous Duck flower arrangement suddenly arrived and was was the perfect center piece

Over 50 friends and family descended on our home to celebrate my birthday and a Duck victory. The wonderful fall Sonoran Desert weather invited celebrators onto the patio overlong the desert and Santa Rita mountains.   Alas, the Ducks lost in double overtime. 😖.  Fortunately there was plenty of tasty tidbits and mountains of wine to soothe the wounds.  Although I must show moderation in imbibing, no such restrictions applied to our guests. 

A selection of wines from the ’80s still strut their stuff!
Unusual wines from around the world helped drown our sorrows of the Duck loss.
 Despite the Duck disappointment, Lee and I had a fabulous time and thank everyone who were able to join us to celebrate my birthday and my life.  Your love and support breeds strength and I am so grateful  and blessed to have so much support.  Thank you all.
Lee’s sister Anne and husband Greg persuaded Lee to let me finish off her bottle.


23 thoughts on “Celebration of Life 

  1. So glad to see you were able to ease the pain, “sonny.” (With my 71st just 11 days away, I can safely say that. LOL. Can’t laugh too loud, however. Might pull something!) Love the mega bottles. Wish we could have been there with you.

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  2. Happy Birthday Jim!
    You are a bundle of positive energy and you brighten our day with your joy.
    Tough year for the Oregon football teams so far, but better Saturday’s lie ahead.
    We’ll bring your burthday present in a few weeks and toast to a couple of 1947 vintage well seasoned Orezonans. Cheers!

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