Session Ten – We Need A Win!!

It’s been a very hard time for me the past few days.  I’ve essentially been in mourning since Saturday evening. In case you haven’t heard the news, my Oregon Ducks were destroyed, bashed, plunked, skewered, smashed and utterly humiliated.  It was their worst loss since 1977.  To give you a concrete idea of how long ago that was, below is a photo of moi taken in 1977. 

Other than the mustache, i don’t see much change.
This week the Ducks fly over to Colorado for what should be an easy victory.  But there has been a very recent phenomenal event in Boulder that I fear may inspire the Colorado team to a super human performance resulting in another humiliating loss for Oregon.  The event was the birth of Isabella, the first grandchild of our dear friends Patti and Moe. This could very well go down in the annals of University of Colorado football as the year of Isabella!   

Isn’t Isabella a beauty?
Fortunately there has been some offsetting good news.  My cancer treatment continues in very positive ways.  Today I had my tenth chemo session, only two more to go in this initial phase of treatment. All of my measures (white bood cells, platelet count, kidney function and liver function🍷) are still in the normal range.  My CEA number, which can indicate tumor activity, has fallen and is down to 4.2.  My CEA number was up to 11.5 in June, a normal number is 3.4 or less.  Lookin’ Good!
After doing four commissioned pet portraits the last few weeks, I just completed these two original  goofy works.  Both were no doubt influenced my love of animals and my love of color…..and my love of life. These paintings are now sold, one as I was writing this post.  I have many more goofy images floating in my cranium, I just love painting critters. I love painting pet portraits.  Life is good, live life to its fullest! 

“Harold” acrylic on canvas 9″x 12″
“Pussy Rocks” Acrylic on canvas 11 x 14


28 thoughts on “Session Ten – We Need A Win!!

  1. super! the good news keeps coming (except for the poor Ducks showing). are you at the point where chemo is a one time Wednesday thing or are you still hooked up for three days? is this what you call chemo light now? are the snow birds starting to return to Q.C.?

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    1. I’m still on the pump thru Oct, I will be unhooked on Oct 30th!!!!!!!!!
      So I’m wearing one now, then again on October 14 -16 and the final on October 28-30. After that I’ll have a CT scan and most likely go to what I call chemo light, which is Avastin only for I think, not certain, would be about an hour every other week. As it is now, I’m at the chemo suite for about 3 hours every other week and attached to a pump and return in 46 hours to unplug. The snow birds dribble in starting in October Thru December and are at full force January thru April. Please pray for he Ducks, they need it! 😞


      1. ok. you have told us the schedule before but I didn’t retain it. I will indeed remember to send luck and good wishes to your beloved Ducks!


  2. Well, I totally disagree Jim!!! You have changed. You’re MUCH cuter now! AND you have lots of “Ducky Tales” to tell ! It seems that older can be better! I’ve received another requests for prayers tonight. For sure I’m including the Ducks in my prayers this evening..and tomorrow….and….well we’ll see. 🙂 Cheers to ya both! P.S. Love Harold AND it is so strange that just today I encountered two more giraffes in two different media at the Farmer’s MKT. So cute too!

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  3. The good news of your chemo #’s is astounding. Jimmy A. Rocks big time & that Pussy Rock combines to jazz fusion. There is no doubt that your 1977 photo is
    indeed the character on “That Seventies Show” the coolest guy in that basement! You make a good point that the Isabella Factor may just be the Tipping Point
    for the DUCKS. For your sake I hope not & tomorrow starts October your month to shine. Thank you Lee & Jimmy A. for goofin up our lives.

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  4. Good news re: treatment results — wait and see on how the Ducks respond. Fingers crossed.
    Re: the photo — Almost like looking in a mirror back in the day. Really, LOL. Close resemblance to Edgar Allen Poe, I had been told.

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  5. LOVE the silly animal pix. Your colors really are vivid, and the poses just made me laugh. So glad you’re still writing these posts for us. Sorry about the Ducks, man. I’m a Nationals baseball fan, so you know I know your pain.

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  6. I was afraid to check in as I knew you had to be in deep mourning, right now the cancer is a minor annoyance compared to the football scores. Love, love, love your new paintings, great whimsy and character come shining through. Best, Judy

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    1. Thank you for the compliment on my paintings, it means a lot coming from you. Yes it is important to prioritize, and my Ducks need my help…everyone’s help!! Go Ducks!


  7. Hi Jim,
    My apologies for the set-back the Ducks experienced at the hands of Utah. In the scheme of thing it’s really just a flesh wound. Like water off their backs, the mighty Ducks will shake It off and return to glory soon. Very good news on your numbers!
    BTW, I love your paintings!

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    1. Thanks Rex for the condolences for my Ducks and the compliment on my paintings. My paintings are getting better, but my football team is getting worse! Oh well I’m enjoying myself and my “dance with death” is going better than anyone expected, including the doctors. Life is great!

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  8. Awesome picture of you Jim! Great news on your numbers as well, whatever your doing keep doing it!

    Love the portraits, fantastic work. I’m no art aficionado but I know what I like. All The Best, Joe Segu

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  9. Too bad about the ducks. I am thankful that I have attached the road runner to your treatment success.😂. Darn!!!! I would have bought the giraffe picture!!!! I love it. Give me first dibs on the next one. David is looking for some African animal print for our patio. What better than an Asbell original! We are in Boston. Head to ME on the 4th. The traffic here is awful. Paid $49 for valet parking to escape the mess of trying to find the parking garage. Hoping the hurricane doesn’t make for a soggy few days here. Really miss the AZ sun!!!! Will plan our dinner when we get back.

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