A Birthday Bash for Jim

If you live in the Tucson area you have probably already received an email invite from me for “Jim Asbell’s Ducky Birthday Fiesta.” I am posting it here just in case I omitted anyone, near or far, who might like to join us.

Friends and Neighbors, Ducks Fans and Winos,
We will be celebrating Jim’s birthday on Saturday, October 10th at 5:00PM. Please join us at Casa Asbell for appetizers, vino, and birthday cake.
RSVP to Lee Asbell at lee.asbell@gmail.com or 360-606-0620.
The Ducks will be playing WSU sometime that day, so expect lots of green and yellow. Look for the Big Duck at 521 N. Easter Lily Lane, Green Valley, AZ 85614.

A boy and his toy.
A boy and his toy.
catula (2)
The Duck fan and an annoyed Count Catula.
Please give me a holler if you are going to attend so I can get the catering sorted out. No need to bring gifts, just come and enjoy with the birthday boy.

17 thoughts on “A Birthday Bash for Jim

  1. So sorry that we will miss the big event. We won’t be in AZ until a couple of wks later. Sounds like fun–give him a hug from me. Tell him we thought of him last weekend……(Lloyd is a MSU Grad. ;-)))

    Better luck next time, Ducks.

    Thanks for including us, C and Lloyd

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  2. Hi Jim and Lee – I think I already RSVP’d but I’m for sure going to be there. So very glad to hear the good news on the latest report. Made my day! Blessings, Lynn Maier


  3. it really tempted me. I wanted show up at the party without saying anything but it wasn’t for long. I thought I’d fly to Tucson Saturday and take a cab to your house and leave the next morning. I know gino and Susie are coming the 11th. I looked at delta flights and I could do it but…it will be a lot of people and I don’t really enjoy big parties. you and jim are being good hosts and will be busy as all get out…it would cost over $1000 for just the fun of surprising you and jim. just have a sensible streak that wouldn’t let me do it. I think it will be a lot of fun for you two and your guests. post pictures on facebook.

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  4. This is as great report, Jim!! To have great significant shrinkage at this stage is superb! Love the cats and birds!

    Your are going to kick the c, I know it!


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  5. Lee – Jim Have a good birthday and celebrate. But I have to pass- will be in Zion Nation Park! But save me some cake and vino for my visit! Have a great time Bob

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