2nd Term Report Card

First things first.  Today is my good friend Steve’s birthday!!   An artist, photogher, jeweler and a dear friend.  Happy Birthday Steve!

I had my CT scan yesterday and met wih my PA  today,  all looks good. 

The  larger reference tumors in both my right and left lungs are now only about half the size as they were when I started my treatment four months ago. There is no evidence of any new tumors and there is evidence suggesting necrosis.  Necrosis is cancer speak for dying tumors!  ðŸ˜„  The report also noted that my lungs were well aerated.  Well, duh.  Of course they are well aerated, no doubt full of hot circulating  air from forty years of professional sales. 

My larger liver tumors are shrinking as well. The largest tumor has now been reduced in size by 60%, but there is still a large mass to work on. The smaller tumors are stable, no growth, but no shrinkage. Jimmy likes shrinkage and necrosis, but I’ll take “stable” on these little guys for now.  My liver function is good which = 🍷!

The CT scan shows the lymph nodes are stable and all of my other guts are “unremarkable”, which is a nice thing.  I have another six weeks of the current chemo regimen.  When completed, Dr. P, Lee and I will then evaluate the progress and plan our next course of action. Hopefully it will be a “chemo light” regimen.  Even with the recent Oregon Ducks loss to Michigan State, I feel strong enough to endure and thrive.  But the Ducks better not lose another game!!

In the meantime I have been enjoying painting.  I recently completed 4 individual  6″x 6″ portraits of “family” of former feral cats that are now pets and a  20″x 16″ acrylic painting  of owls titled “Hoo ‘Dat?” 

 “Family” Portraits

       Hoo ‘Dat?


27 thoughts on “2nd Term Report Card

    1. I’ve been enjoying 8-10 oz a night on none chemo days. Unfortunately the next two days are chemo days, boo hoo, so no wine for moi. I think that after six weeks I may be able to relax the wine rules a little more, but I think it prudent to still watch my consumption. I have found that I now sip instead of drink my wine. I nurse two glasses over three hours and enjoy and savor every sip.


  1. Love hearing more good news — Now to get Vernon Adams’ finger healed! More than ready to help you with some sipping (less than 3 weeks until Vegas). We have the Evening Land LaSource and Jonata Todos bubble wrapped and ready to travel!

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      1. Could the Ducks beat the spread? Yes. Will they? I doubt it. Too much can happen when 3rd-string guys are on the field.


  2. all sounds good. it amazes me you stay feeling fairly well despite the nasty stuff they give you. I can only think they’ve gotten better about handling the side effects. so glad. surely those feral cats haven’t found a home with you and lee or I’m sure I would have heard about it. I know cotty would have told his grandma.

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    1. No feral cats here, Cotty has a tough time as it is with The Bubble usurping all of his pets!! I am very fortunate with the lack of nasty side effects. Part of that is just how well my body is processing the drugs, the other part is that I declined the nastiest drug in the normal colon cancer chemo cocktail. Among its many side effects is nerve damage, my palliative care attitude will not allow drugs that will destroy my quality of life in the pursuit of a only the POTENTIAL of a few weeks more weeks of existence. I prefer to LIVE shorter vs just existing longer. So far, so good


  3. Jim! I admire you and your positive (and ferocious) attitude toward your treatment. I look so forward to your posts. Would you be okay with me sharing your blog with some of my patients? There are a select few that I work with that I believe would really benefit from your vibe 🙂 Thanks again for being such an encouragement to the oncology world!

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    1. Hi Lauren

      Yes, please feel free to share my blog with anyone you feel would be interested in reading it and especially any patients that you feel may help them deal with this unpleasant situation.


    1. Carolyn,

      Thank you for the compliment. I have an excellent “in house” art coach in Lee. Each painting I do is full of frustration as I struggle to put on canvass what I envision, but little by little I’m getting there. Sorry you’re not going to be able to attend my birthday bash next month, but at least you’ll be around for the Ducks championship game on New Year’s Eve!


    1. Hi Ruth,
      Its ONLY another six weeks, I’ve already endured 17 weeks of this regimen! I’m happy it’s only six more weeks. I can now, not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel it’s warmth (or it could just be the warm flush side effects of the chemo drugs)! As unpleasant and inconvenient this treatment had been, I feel it’s been a worthwhile investment. Diagnosis for death without treatment was 6 months, give or take a few months. Of course some sort of treatment will be on going, but not as invasive in the near term. Cheers!


  4. Great news Jim. I really like your art and we are enjoying our own original her in OR. Continued positive thoughts and prayers for good test results. Go Ducks! Cheers! 🍷🏈

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  5. Jim and Lee so happy to see this good report on you….we have decided to come to QC for a bit of Rand R before Robts Open Heart surgery …We will be driving down and so we will be there just when you are celebrating James Birthday…so If we are not to late we would love to join you in the celebration….Jane and Robt

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