More Good News

Today was chemo session 7.  I’m on the backside of the initial 12 chemo session regimen, hooray!  After we are done with session 12, we evaluate progress and revise the next treatment regimen according to the success or lack thereof of the current treatment.  So far, so good. In my pre-chemo meetings we review the latest blood work numbers. Key items considered are are kidney function, immune system function, liver function and the CEA marker.  Well my immune system, kidney and liver function are all still well within normal range!!  That means Jimmy can continue with his moderate red wine imbibement. That calls for a toast!🍷 The CEA number, which is a marker indicating tumor activity, dropped 30% down from 6.8 to 4.9.  A normal range number is under 3.4, unless you’re a smoker.  If you’re a smoker the normal number is 4.3.  According to Lee I’m a “smoker” as in “I’m “smokin hot” and therefore my Jimmy logic interprets my CEA number is almost in the normal range…even if I’m a bit abnormal.😆   

my physician’s assistant, Mary Beth, hands me the report. Smiles all around!

 I’ve truly been blessed during my chemo experience. Not only has there been positive response against the tumors, there have been minimal side effects..truly a double dip!  Before I started chemo, Dr. P listed about 20 common side effects in my treatment regimen. My side effects have been pretty much just some fatigue and intermittent voice fluctuations. However the past couple of treatments have also resulted in hiccup attacks on the day following my chemo session.  The hiccups were so acute after chemo session 6 that I could not sleep one night.  This is a rather odd side effect, but that is consistent with my otherwise odd behavior. For this session they have cut the steroid pre-meds in half. Steroid is used to counter possible nausea and allergic reaction to the chemo drugs. Since I have had NO nausea or allergic reaction, they felt that reducing the steroid pre-meds might resolve the problem.The only bad news of the day was that my two favorite recliners (the ones with the views of the Santa Rita mountains) were already occupied.  Poo!  But I just settled in another recliner, adjusted the pillows, plugged in my ear buds, plugged the IV into my port and envisioned my tumors melting away with each drop of Avastin while enjoying the tunes of McCoy Tyner, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. 

Life is good. Live life to its fullest!


29 thoughts on “More Good News

  1. Jim,

    That is great news!! We think about you all the time here in Salt Lake.. I’m very happy for you and I’m excited about your good news:)

    Cathy Sisneros

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  2. Hi Jim,
    Good news for a great human being… Keep the faith and stay the proverbial course. Your attitude is as always “the best”. I love it!
    Best Regards,


  3. Hey Jim, great news! Nothing like some Miles Davis “Bitches Brew” or “Kind Of Blue” to get your mind off your treatments.
    Take care my friend,


  4. Wow! Wonderful news, Jim. So glad to hear progress continues in a positive mode. Keep it up!!
    Miss you guys immensely. We’re flying into Las Vegas the first week in October — we could probably change our Worldmark reservation to a 2 BR if there’s any chance you could join us. Early birthday celebration for the October boys. 🙂

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    1. Those cancer critters picked on the wrong guy. Nice to hear that your good mojo can keep you strong. Thanks for the inspiration. Our wine tastes better because of you.


    1. Just riding the wave!! Everyday (except for chemo days) are wine days, thanks to my kick ass liver. I have found that wine not only makes me attractive, it makes be witty and increases my IQ.


  5. Jim,
    I am inspired by your spirit and attitude for life! It is truly a pleasure to be part of your care team. I am hoping that the foundation reached out to you as we discussed. Please let me know. Hope you are painting and continue to raise your glass nightly!!
    PS: nice picture of Mary Beth….always good to deliver good news.

    Kathy Kennel, NP

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    1. Hi Kathy,

      Glad you are reading my post! The foundation has not contacted more, I am really interested in doing anything I can to help others deal with coping and movin on. I’ve been raising the glass nightly, except for chemo infusion days and branching out with my paintings…exploring new frontiers. Mr Spock would be proud of me..I think.


  6. So excited to hear your good news and progress. My prayers are working!!! BTW I truly enjoy seeing your BEAUTIFUL paintings on display at the Fine Arts Room!

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  7. Wonderful news Jim! Hey..did you catch the two rainbows frolicking around your casa yesterday evening? Can one assume that they were rejoicing in the good news with you? I’d bet on it!! Have a not great photo that I’ll send. Cheers to ya from both us!

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    1. From the other side of QC, we did see a rainbow that appeared to be flowing into our neighborhood. Thank you for the confirmation! Also thank you for opening a door with healing touch. I do novice bioscaling several times a week and Lee meditates daily, no doubt helping us both. Anxiously awaiting you rainbow photo


      1. I’m glad this stuff is helpful. I hope you got the not so great photos. This is funny…I have tried twice to leave a reply and I got awfully wordy..almost a dissertation regarding charged atmosphere, positive and negative ions and how they effect our auric field…rainbows …blah blah blah. The e-mail pooka’s had another plan. Those two replies are toast! Disappeared when I was looking up a word…in the clouds somewhere…negatively charged I’m sure…but hey that’s a good thing! At least that’s what I was getting around to expounding upon.

        Shalom and have a good night!

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      2. Funny, the internet is more troublesome than cats! Got the rainbows pics, thanks. I’d love do do a kitty painting for you, I’ll be in touch. Thanks!


  8. Hi Jim – really nice to hear your good news! Made my day given all the challenges we’re facing with fires here in Washington. Will keep sending positive healing wishes your way. Blessings, Lynn Maier

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