Monsoon Season Renews Life

Greetings from the Sonoran desert!  Spectacular clouds, phenomenal storms with amazing displays of lightning and “waterfalls” of rain invigorate the desert with life.  Jimmy enjoys the summer show and rejoices in the annual renewal of life.

The late afternoon sky from our backyard
Before proceeding with news of my ongoing cancer treatment, I’d like to make a Public Service Announcement.  Puddles, the Oregon Duck mascot, is homeless!  For over six months, since he was deserted by his distraught owner at the Oregon vs. Ohio State national championship football game, Puddles has been roaming the desert all alone.  He appeared at our front door recently and we took him in.  He enjoyed July 4th with us, but on the July 5th he was assaulted by Oregon State Beaver fans. We rescued him and he is fine, but we fear for Puddles safety now that the “Beaver Nation” knows of his location.  Please help us locate Puddles’ owner before it’s too late!!’
Puddles enjoys July 4th
Attacked by Beaver Believers!!
Today I began my fourth round of treatment.  I’ve been extremely blessed with minimal side effects so far. A bit of fatigue, a touch of indigestion and now spontaneous laryngitis.  
The laryngitis comes and goes at random, with no other symptoms.  The laryngitis is very disappointing, as I was seriously considering opening for the Rolling Stones on their next tour…oh well.  The  consumption of wine in moderation will continue as my recent blood work shows that everything is functioning normally.  Yippie!!!  On the 17th I will have a CT scan to determine the effectiveness of the chemo treatments on shrinking the tumors. I will get the results of the scan in two weeks at my next scheduled chemo session. 

My ability to enjoy wine came in handy on July 4 when I was called into duty to determine the soundness of an Bordeaux wine that was over forty years old. It was a perfect July 4th celebration: French wine and Italian food with patcipants of Irish, Italian, English, German and Polish decent.  

Jimmy inspects the old Bordeaux
July 4th feast at Giannasi Bistro with old Bordeaux courtesy of David & Patti Dennis
With my minimal side effects, I have been able to get back to painting. I have completed three paintings ( including a commission) with another painting nearing completion. Life is good!   


28 thoughts on “Monsoon Season Renews Life

  1. I am trying to get over the shocking news that your company, supposed friends, people you welcome into your home, would attack the Oregon duck. they must be very good friends, aside from this disturbing behavior, for you to tolerate such an affront to the duck. all the other news sounds just swell.. nice pics.

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  2. Good to get the news & weather from the home front. Sorry we’re missing all that monsoon action. Yet the high temp here near OKC today was a low 73! Wonderful driving weather. Very nice pics & paints indeed. Thanks for brightening our day today! We’ll be looking for a good wine for Johnny’s 80th celebration on Bastille Day. Doubtfully a 40 year old Bordeaux is not in the cards however. Cheers to ya!


      1. HooRay 4 U and HT Meditation. Glad to hear it. While y’all are enjoying the monsoon energy, we’ve been “taking the waters” and “quaffing the elixir” in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
        Yes, we’ve had no tornados and that’s a really good thing, On to Laughing Bear Lodge in GA mañana. Miss yous guys.

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    1. Thanks, I’m having fun. For some reason my cats often turn blue, even when the start out in different colors. Could it be that….blue cats rule!! Maybe I’ll do blue Himalayas, what’a think??


  3. Very jealous — a Bordeaux from the ’70s. 🙂
    Hoping for good report from next scan. And the welcome mat is still out for Windsor. We’ll be there in 18 days! Have an appointment at Siduri, plus putting Bacigalupi, Ridge Lytton Springs and Sbragia (among others) on our itinerary. Oh yeah, also plan to rampage through Anderson Valley on our anniversary, with a cautionary overnight at a Mendocino B&B after a day of tasting and dinner at Café Beaujolais.
    Love you guys!

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  4. Jim and Lee, I look forward to your posts so much and the news is astonishingly good. Bravo! I don’t know anyone else who gets to drink wine during chemo…. You are a special guy!

    What does it take to commission a piece and would you consider doing a dachshund or a red head? Some artists like a stretch goal some do not. 😳


  5. Full disclosure: Burton will enter OSU this fall. The good news is that Patrick will not – he’s going to Western Oregon. Neither would touch a feather on Puddles, for what it’s worth. Does that hurt my chances of a commission?

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    1. What!!!!! A beaver????? No problem. We actually have some very good beaver fan friends and they are very good sports when the Ducks crush them during the Civil War.


  6. Hey Jim,

    Beeeeautiful picture from your backyard!

    When I was a kid my father would take my brother and I to meet up with an old war buddy of his in a very small town near Parker AZ called Vidal. My Dad’s buddy who was like an Uncle to my brother and I lived there for a number of years working on the Colorado River Aqueduct to bring water to Southern California. Uncle Smitty later moved to Escondido CA but held onto a house in Vidal and then purchased 5 acres and a building that once housed the town post office, general store and other services which he called his shack. Vidal’s population during the construction of the aqueduct was approx. 6,000, back in the seventies when I first visited the population was approx. 6 people. We had some of the best adventures of our young lives in and around Vidal and I will never forget it. Seeing your new home reminds me of the desert and Vidal and there aren’t too many years that pass that I don’t think of those times.

    Here’s a photo of Wyatt Earp’s house in Vidal, it is said Earp mined claims in around the Vidal area late in his life. Uncle Smitty said Earp was the actual Sheriff of Vidal at one time and the town of Earp is located not far from Vidal.


    Glad to hear you are well!


    Joe Seguin office: 707.863.9190 mobile: 707.631.9492 mailto:


    1. Hi Joe,

      Good to hear from you! Never been to Parker, there’s lots of AZ for us yet to explore. Hard to imagine a town of six, pretty difficult to blend into the crowd! There was no picture attached.


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