Rainbow Chaser…..

You may recall that early on in this cancer “adventure” that we declared that we were going to take a balanced view in my quest for living.  A balance in the quality of life as well as the longevity.  We were not going to be chasing any rainbows. But what if the rainbows chase us??  Who am I to challenge that?  One of our neighbors took the photo below, clearly showing a rainbow ending inside our house!   


Could this be the reason why I haven’t had any side effects from the chemo so far?  Could this be my “pot of gold”?  Mine is not to reason why, but to only reply……”Yeah Baby”!  

Speaking of chemo, I began my second session yesterday.  My session is really a two and a half day session. Wednesday in the chemo suite hooked up for infusion via my titanium power port, followed a portable pump that secretes the secret sauce for 46 hours and then back to the suite for disconnection on Friday.  This session included a new drug into my cocktail, Avastin.  The initial dose of Avastin is quite large, so I enjoyed about four hours of jazz (Kenny Barron, Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans and Harry Allen) via my iPhone as I lounged in the recliner.  Avastin dries up the source feeding the tumor growth by slowing the creation of new blood vessels.  Starve you bloody tumors, STARVE I say!!!  Normally I would have had Avastin from the beginning, but they chose to hold off to make sure all my wounds (especially internal) were healed from my April surgery.  That’s right, you need new blood vessels to heal a wound, so Avastin can be problematic. 

Speaking of healing, last week into this week I had a horrible bout of flu and or cold.  My darling Lee was very concerned as the next chemo session approached. So what could she do?  Well she simply snatched it from me!  My symptoms cleared and simultaneously her chest and throat hurt and along came sneezing, coughing and nasal congestion.  She took the whole ball of wax!  Is that love or is that love?  She is feeling a little better today and hopefully a Golden State victory tonight will complete her healing process. I sure hope so. 

I’d like to thank Lopez Painting for the stellar job they did for us.  On the day of my surgery, a window was replaced on our house, frame and all. We were told to wait two months to allow the stucco to dry before re painting.   

 Ernie, of Lopez Painting, did excellent work, but he did require constant supervision.  Thank you Ernie!


23 thoughts on “Rainbow Chaser…..

  1. A Rainbow holds the miracle of Light & “Yeah Baby” you have that pot of gold in Ms Lee & many other ways. A window that opens now who thought of that! Play that jazz & paint those kitties that cold moved to the other side! You better make Lee that chicken stock soup.

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  2. Great post, Jim. I’m sure that rainbow is yours and Lee’s and it indicates health and continued happiness. You just wait now and see how quickly your cancer markers go down–especially with the Avastin, which is one of the newer armaments for your arsenal. I was late getting my Avastin for the same reason as you. It got in the game in a hurry. And no side effects? A gift for you!

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    1. Yes, the window at the front door. It was a picture window. We replaced it with a single hung window so that we could take advantage of the breeze for some nice cross ventilation. It’s great.


      1. good idea. the house is too new to need redoing, but air movement is a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Jim & Lee – As you know, Bryan and I don’t comment all the time (or much, I guess!), but I just wanted you both to know that Bryan and I **ADORE** and cherish all the posts either of you make. They are wonderful, spectacular, and are a topic of conversation for both of us all the time.

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