Chemo Crud and Golf Cart Lust

it’s been a week since Jim ventured into chemotherapy land. He’s been taking it easy in the triple-digit heat, but today, despite a low-grade fever, nasty sore throat and drippy nose, he was certain he would win a drawing at the Green Valley Farmer’s Market for a shiny new golf cart, so off we went.

There were a total of ten finalists. Three had been drawn in advance. A good sized crowd waited while the remainder were selected at random from all the entries. It seemed to take forever. The lemon tartlet, croissant and bread I had just purchased from Madame at the Cafe Francais booth for fattening up chemo boy were starting to ooze in their white bakery bags from the heat. 

Much to my surprise, not only was Jim’s name called as a finalist, the eight people ahead of him were not winners when they tried to turn their keys. Two of my Quail Creek neighbors stood with me and waited for Jim’s turn. No golf cart joy for Jim, but a gift certificate to a local restaurant will buy a nice lunch.  

A lousy photo of Jim turning the key.
When the fun was over it was off for a chest x-ray, followed by hurry up and wait at the doctors office and the pharmacy. Antibiotics, cough medication and a secret potion of magic mouthwash are all at work now and should have him feeling better just in time for more chemo next week. Naughty Jimmy also learned he had overlooked a blood draw and had to visit the vampire. 

On a brighter note, the cat painter has begun a 16 X 20 image of kittens in a basket. Since he usually paints small, this larger canvas will keep him challenged. Here is the preliminary sketch:  



21 thoughts on “Chemo Crud and Golf Cart Lust

  1. Love your (Jim & Lee both!) posts! I’m so glad you both were able to make it to see if Jim could get that golf cart! Talk about ‘agony’ thinking about “could I have been the grand prize winner” for days and days and days. Now you know 🙂

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  2. Well at least you both had the excitement of Jim being a finalist in the golf cart drawing. And now you’ve got the restaurant gift certificate!

    The kitten painting is going to rock – keep us posted on the progress.

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    1. Welcome home to the heat. Much better than chilly, wet CO weather if you ask me. Have a good visit with your kids and we will talk soon.



  3. The purchases from Madame sound like pretty yummy consolation prizes in addition to the gift certificate. I’m looking forward to learning the title of your new kitties painting, Jim.


    1. The kitty man will have to noodle on the title, but right now he is napping in his chair. And yes, those pastries and bread are very good. Cafe Francais is a really nice spot in Tucson you should get Stevie to take you sometime. Madame is in the front of the house and Monsieur is the chef. Good eats.



  4. That is so exciting a jazz cat painter with a turn of the key is second to none but the golf cart didn’t turn on. That red beet glow in that dry AZ heat has stirred up a kitty litter with the sensibilities of a Lonny Sisson. Remember the rhyme remember the time is was good when Lonny showed us his way. Paint & turn up the jazz & let the “Beat Go On”.


  5. I’m with Marian – what the hell would you do with a golf cart?! Surely not play golf. Much better to have a free meal. But what fun to hope for a moment! What is it about free stuff – even stuff you don’t want/need? Hey man, if it’s FREE – we want it!


    1. You need to come to our patch of the desert and see for yourself why golf carts are perfect for everything from trips to the bocce ball courts, clubhouse, friends, etc. without using a car. Most people in adult communities have one even if they never touch a club. Besides, my neighbors have a really cool one all tricked out in U of O Ducks colors. Jealousy rears its ugly head!



  6. 2 Duck golf carts might have been a little much for one short street! I hope he won a good lunch because that sun was hot………thankful he didn’t win the certificate to be used for hearing aides! Carolyn

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  7. Sorry to hear you didn’t win the golf cart, but glad to hear you got a gift card.

    The cats in the basket will be a great pic.

    Gerrie & Carl

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  8. Now there is a good reason you did not win that golf cart……it did not come with full air conditioning and surely you rate one like that!

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