How Many Toes? 

Last week while waiting for me at the as I was undergoing my PET and CT scans, Lee noticed the following door knob sign:  

The  RedToeNail was an “on line” cancer support forum created by Dr. Phillip Berman in 2005.  In 2004 he was diagnosed with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) that had matastasized in his liver, brain and bones.  In 2004 only 15% of those diagnosed with NSCLC made it one year.  He considered himself a dead man walking “with hardly any time left on the bio-clock.”   Well he surprised himself and one year after diagnosis he was still alive.  As a reminder of how blessed and fortunate he was, he painted one of his toe nails bright red and created  He committed to paint an additional toe nail on every anniversary, hoping for a full set.  Although he didn’t accomplish the full set, he did complete one foot.  He successfully extended his life significantly beyond the odds. 

The odds of living one year after diagnosis of Stage IV matastasized Colon Cancer is about 50/50, much better than Dr. Berman’s odds.  But my odds of making it five years is under 10%.   I do like the RedToeNail concept. It’s silly, fun and celebratory.  I am hoping to do a complete set of toe nails and then on to my finger nails.  That’d give me a sweet twenty more years of painting cats!  But I have a serious dilemma, Lee wears red toe & finger nail polish. Since we have a pact of never wearing matching outfits, red nail polish is off the table. So…how about green & electric yellow, the Oregon Duck colors?  What the hell, why not paint my nails with the Oregon logo!!   

 Here I am entering the PET scan tube, what fun!  I like this picture, my hair looks more brown than grey.  Tomorrow we visit with Dr P to go over the results and implement a treatment plan.  Hopefully a Plan that will result in  “20 painted nails”. 


21 thoughts on “How Many Toes? 

  1. I think you gave a plan there! – not just cancer patients, but fer all us ole folks… 😉

    (After all’ who knows who’ll outlast who!)


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  2. Interesting story, a good goal to strive for! Rudolph Valentino and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. And blue seems to be your color!


  3. an excellent plan! and quite a conversation piece. I like the Oregon colors plan. maybe they make tiny fighting duck decals you could add.


  4. Here are just a few of the healing qualities of yellow: it cheers up and gives lust for life and green: increases immunity, stimulates inner peace, brings hope and comfort and good health. Good choices for you, Jim! Wear in good health.

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  5. Paint those nails any damn color you want to paint them……just as long as you get the whole set done (both toes and fingers). And while, you’re at it, you might just start another set!!! I just had another thought, with as many colors as there are of nail polish these days, you could even do a different color on every toe and finger still have plenty left over for the second set. And, here’s to a great treatment plan with great results!! “Clink”

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  6. The “Painted Lady” has a long history so I think you are on to something here. A pedicure might be just the answer. A great foot make over & don’t just brush on a
    hue of Red but rather the art of championship Ducks or a fine glass of wine or even a cat. There is not end to the imagination of Painted Jimmy A.

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  7. Looking forward to see every one of those painted toes and fingers. Any color you like is fine by me. Praying for good news at the doctor visit. Hugs.

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