Sweet Sixteen

Most people take a day to celebrate important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. In the Asbell world, the really important things take at least an entire weekend to savor and enjoy.

Sixteen years ago today, it was the day before our wedding. What were we doing? Wine tasting with family and friends, of course.

Sparkling wine fun at Mumm Napa.
Sparkling wine fun at Mumm Napa.

But how about exactly one year before the wedding? Even Jim would be hard-pressed to remember that. It took some digging. It turns out we were in Italy. Today while I was looking for something else, I came across this photo of Jim in Florence with the Ponte Vecchio behind him. Kindly ignore the stranger next to him with the man purse.

Florence, Italy. May 22nd, 1998.
Florence, Italy. May 22nd, 1998.

And what is on the agenda for this year’s wedding anniversary? An exotic trip? Fancy gifts for each other? Surely there must be some insanely good wine to drink as the window before Jim’s chemo gets shorter?

The truth is we rarely give each other “STUFF” anymore. My gift to Jim is this:

Cards from our wedding weekend.
Cards from our wedding weekend.

This year we will spend time together and revisit all the memories contained in these cards and notes from our wedding. The one on top is from my sister Anne and her family. They gave us a gorgeous set of pasta bowls. Her card says “Eat lots of pasta! Have a wonderful life!” Tonight, we will heed that sage advice and enjoy “Italian Night” with our host and native of Tuscany, Moreno Giannasi. How fitting is that?

Tomorrow night we are looking forward to dinner with two couples in our neighborhood. They will have no idea it is our anniversary until they read this mushy blog post. Sharing dinner with friends who enjoy good food and wine two nights in a row seems to me an ideal Asbell sweet sixteen wedding weekend.



24 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Drink fine wine, eat lots of pasta, enjoy good friends and neighbors…and most of all…celebrate your life and love together! Happy 16th to the two of you from the two of us!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was, indeed, a weekend that was nothing short of legendary! I think we’ve mentioned before that it was more fun than our wedding. No comment on the honeymoon, however. 🙂
    All our best wishes for many more years together. We love you guys.
    John & Kathie


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