I went to the gym today for the first time in six weeks.  While I was gone some joker relabeled all the weights, can you believe it!  The 50 lb labeled weight was really a 70 lb weight, the 70 lb was really a 100 lb, etc.   It took me a few reps to figure it out and then I made the adjustments.   Good thing some friends have been helping me exercise my right arm the past few days or I wouldn’t have been up to the gym this morning.  Gotta keep in shape. 

   My good friend Paul came for a visit from Oregon bringing my favorite Zinfandel, Turley Dragon!! Being a gracious host, I drank it. 
 The next day Lee and Linda cooked a great meal while Paul, Moe and I raided the wine cellar.  A good time was had my all!

Although my weight has plateaued, I continue to gain strength and feel better daily.  On Thursday I have a PET/CT scan to establish a base line for my chemo treatment. On the 26th we meet with the oncologist to go over the results and begin treatment.  Live life to its fullest!


17 thoughts on “Whew!!!!!

  1. Wow Jim!, you look great.. I’m jealous of the fabulous wine you are drinking.. Looks like a great time:) The weather has been very rainy here in Salt Lake City… Keep smiling…..

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