I’m Back

Just back from our six day exploration of northern New Mexico, it was time for another follow up appointment with my surgeon. You may recall, that at my last visit she responded to my complaints about fatigue and weakness with a reminder that I was “not 18 anymore”.  So for this meeting I donned the t-shirt below: 

  She laughed and was very pleased with my shirt, she even wanted to get one for her husband, an orthopedic surgeon.  But she was even more pleased with the improvement in my recovery from surgery and gave me the OK to hit the gym and spa next week.  I am gaining strength every day and got quite a workout walking on our trip.

Despite the surprise snow in Taos, our vacation was most excellent.  I can see why so many artists locate in the Santa Fe and Taos area; the color of the sky, the clouds and the vistas are breathtaking. However the highlight of our trip was our visit with Lonny and Judy Sisson at their home in Albuquerque.  Lonny is one of America’s great artists.  Although we have been acquainted only a few months, they graciously invited us to visit when they learned of our trip to New Mexico.  Lonny is a man of great passion, focus and genius. His advice on painting is to “keep painting with enthusiasm and the daring to fail.”  Words that not only apply to art, but life itself.  

Vacation aside, I continued with my task of reaching my “fighting weight” as chemo treatment approaches.  Thanks to all the cookies, cake and brownies from our friends along with my high protein, high carb diet, my goal is in sight.  I have gained 19 pounds since surgery!



19 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Good news on all fronts. I remember a quote from Kurt Vonnegut: “Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god.” Your road trips are making you stronger. Meeting passionate artists makes you one. “. . . keep “painting” with enthusiasm daring to fail.” They are induced . . .words that not only apply to art, but life itself. Thanks for the lesson.



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  2. I’m glad you really enjoyed your road trip through New Mexico. We loved Taos also; rafting the Rio Grande, and eating at some good little restaurants. Good job on the weight gain, a fun task!

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  3. Old Bones is back and gaining a fighting weight class. Look out Old Bones has enthusiasm & is daring the notion of failure. A recipe for mighty good times. A real
    special great occasion to get time with Judy & Lonny Sisson! The Land of Enchantment is made up of not only the land but the people who have chosen to be
    a part of the “Enchantment”.

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  4. Welcome back to the “hood”. Great news that you continue to gain weight, gain strength and can get back to the fitness center. We LOVE Santa Fe and Taos with all the art and creativity. So glad to had a good trip.

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  5. Love your ongoing narrative. Follow it closely. I wish someone would plead with me to eat cookies and cake, protein and carbs. Never been to New Mexico. Gotta go. Tom

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  6. Jim glad you had a great get away. We have been to Taos and did so enjoy it also. It is cold in Wisconsin 39 this morning miss the heat on Easter Lily Ln. Always in our prayers, wish I could share some of my pounds. Keep on Keeping on. Robert

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  7. Good job gaining weight – unfortunately I seem to be gaining along with you. 😔 I love Taos. Hugh Cabot is unlikely to be there still. Did you see their gallery??

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    1. We didn’t visit that gallery. Lots of galleries have disappeared in both Santa Fe and Taos, but especially in Taos over the last 8-9 years. Things are slowly coming back.


  8. Hello friends…
    You two are AMAZING…thank you for your example to live every day with zest, with joy, with love. This was my first Mother’s Day without our precious sun. I drew on the strength of your blog post to help me through the weekend. Thank you for being you, separately, together…facing what each day brings…with hope, with gratitude, with love.
    Sending some Oregon rain drops along with this in case they’re needed!
    Love to you both,


    1. Thank you Pat for the offer of some Oregon rain drops, but I think I’ll have to decline. It also provides me strength and purpose to know my post made a small difference. Thank you.


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