Life in the Lily Pad

Although Jim still grumbles about the name of the street we live on, there’s no doubt that Easter Lily Lane is a great place to live. Adjoining Easter Lily Lane is Sweet Heather Way, which I have decided was named after my friend Heather Lewis, but that is another story. These two streets within Quail Creek comprise Unit 5, one of the smallest and newest neighborhood units. Today we are saluting all of our Unit 5 neighbors.

Yesterday we received a sweet “get well” card signed by darn near everyone in the neighborhood. I know I could call or email any of these folks and someone would be at my door lickety-split to give us a hand. That is something special. 

After a long trip to the Pacific Northwest, one of my neighbors returned home yesterday and delivered this amusing gift.  

Jello shooters in U of O molds anyone?
We are still giggling about the possibilities for this Duck goodie. Thanks, Carolyn and GO DUCKS!

From just beyond the Easter Lily pad, perennial Duck boosters Tom and Roxanne May delivered a gift to our  door yesterday too. The message on these T-shirts has new meaning for Jim and me. Former Ducks coach Chip Kelly is now working his magic in the NFL, but the slogan he coined is one that fans at Autzen Stadium still see, and a motto we live by. Win The Day. 

Win The Day. A motto for life.
Many of our Unit 5 snowbirds have flown the coop for the summer. Thanks to Dorothy and Bruce, some of us now have a baby from this gorgeous Easter Lily cactus. Cactus blossoms are spectacular, but often short-lived. Here is the Easter Lily cactus in all its glory, happy at home on Easter Lily Lane.  

Easter Lily cactus
The short scoop on the medical front for Jim is a bunch of testing and then a return trip to the oncologist on the 26th and the start of chemotherapy. In between now and then, we will take a brief trip to New Mexico and enjoy some time with old friends from central Oregon. Drinking the good stuff will continue for a bit too. Cheers.


5 thoughts on “Life in the Lily Pad

  1. it is just so good. everyone down there in your neighborhood has come from elsewhere.. you aren’t ‘new people’ any more than everyone, so there aren’t ‘old timers’ who consider their neighbors to be intruders. those lily cactus flowers are gorgeous!!

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  2. Marian Pritchard has the call on the referee as the Ducks make mighty gains. The coaching is so important. Keeping a clean clear vision to the goal.
    Old Timers have their comfort zone. To always “Win the Day” is the slogan & we appreciate the life in the Lily Pad & the great writing of Lee & Jim.
    Turning to new horizons the vanishing point is the converging of new dimension.

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