No Longer 18?

It was  a beautiful day yesterday, bright sunshine, gleaming blue sky with a nice soft breeze.  After lunching alfresco at the Union Pub House on a scrumptious house cured pastrami sandwich, it was time to visit my surgeon.  Despite my little infection, I am doing very well. When I complained of fatigue and lack of energy, she reminded me that I’m no longer 18 years old.  Yikes, I hadn’t noticed that!  I still look 18 in the mirror….at least when I take off my glasses. She went on to tell me that my recuperation from this surgery is better than over half of her patients. It’s been only three weeks and full recovery can take up to 8 weeks.  I’m doing great, she says.

It did make feel better that my rate of recovery is better than average. However, it soon dawned on me that statistically only 8% of stage four colon cancer patients survive five years.  So the top 40 percentile isn’t going to cut it.  My five year plan requires me to be in the top 8%.  

One of the problems I’ve had the past year is weight loss and the surgery exacerbated that trend. I was very gaunt and down to 148 lbs.  As I approach the rigors of chemo , I need to be at my “fighting weight” of 175.  The last ten days I feel like I’m in training camp, with my trainer and nutritionist Lee pushing high protein shakes and high carb foods.  I am indeed in training, in training for the fight for my life.  This morning I weighed in at 160.1!  Progress towards the successful completion of my five year plan.  Tomorrow we meet with our oncologist to put together our initial assault on my cancer. 

Although I have worries and fears, these past few days have also been wonderful. Thursday I made the official post surgical unveiling of myself at a neighborhood potluck.  The support and caring from my neighbors is heartwarming and Jerry’s ribs were amazing. Then my friend of 30 years, Mark, flew down from Portland for an extended weekend visit.  It was wonderful to see him and be able to share my enthusiasm for my new southern AZ home.  Lots of memories were relived, lots of laughter and a few tears.  A few of our  new friends joined us for feasting and wine cellar exploration with more laughter ensuing. A great time!

I love living in southern Arizona, I love living in Quail Creek, I love living.  


 Heading in the right direction!


20 thoughts on “No Longer 18?

  1. Oh crap! That mean I also am no longer 18. 😦
    The weight thing I can help with, though. Find the nearest In-n-Out Burger — fast. A couple Double-Doubles (animal style, of course) every day will get you to 175 in no time. And shovel that nightly Moose Tracks as a topping on a box of Entenmann’s chocolate donuts. (Just call me Mr. Fix-It)

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  2. Great post, Jim. Loved reading it. I am sure your weight will come back–evidence by mention of ribs and wine. A quickly recovery surgery would equate to me to a strong chemo attack on the c. Hang in there #160.1 !

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  3. Love Love Love to hear that you are finally getting the weight back. And, we already knew that you were recovering so well. With your training coach, nutritionist, and loving partner, you will continue to gain that weight along with making it to that 8%! You have a whole bunch of people who love you both and are behind you and pulling for you all the way!!!

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  4. Hi Jim – I heard today about your fight with cancer. You are going to kick its ass to the moon! Please know that our thoughts and prayers and with you – you will achieve your five year plan!

    I love your cat paintings, they are wonderful!

    Knowing how much you love cats, I have to tell you about Josie, our crazy 12 YO Norwegian Forest Cat. As you may know, NFC’s have a gorgeous long coat. Josie has always been very skittish – wouldn’t let Brian anywhere near her, and hid the minute anyone walked in the house. Ken got tired of her fur ball mess, so he had her shaved. Weirdest thing ever, once she was shaved, she became a sweet, friendly cat, and now sleeps with Brian every night! She starts getting neurotic as her fur grows, and we have to book a “beauty” visit. She looks goofy as heck when shaved, but she feels beautiful and prances around like a princess. So dang weird.

    Keep fighting the good fight Jim – praying for your continued strong recovery!


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  5. We are so glad you are gaining weight Jim! You have the right attitude to beat cancer. I read a book by an oncologist and he said that repeatedly, those who fought tooth and nail were the ones who came through. We’re keeping the faith for you Jim and wish you every good thing. xo

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